Indy PopCon 2018: A Reflection

Indy Pop 2018

Every convention I have ever attended has always put a smile on my face and the 5th Annual Indy PopCon was no different. Coincidentally, Indy PopCon landed on the same week as the Indianapolis Pride festival. I have always viewed anime/pop conventions to be a celebration of one’s freedom of expression, so it felt nice to see these two events align.

Indy PopCon was held June 8-10 and this was my second time attending Indy PopCon. You can read my post about the great time I had in 2017 here. Unlike last time, my stay at the convention lasted only a day: I was scheduled to give my Ethics and Videogame talk at 1pm on Saturday. During that same Saturday, I had to be back at my place around 6pm to get picked up to attend a dinner with some friends. So, I could not stay to long at the convention because it is an hour drive between my place and the convention. Continue reading