INDY POPCON 2017: A Little Convention with a Big Spirit!

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After 6 weeks of absolute joy being at home in Maryland, I had to leave to start my series of adventures. My first adventure began as soon as I arrived at the Indianapolis International airport. A friend of mine from Maryland joined me to attend Indy PopCon 2017. I had not heard of Indy PopCon until around mid-Fall of 2016. I told two of my friends about it and one of them agreed in attending. It would be my friend’s first time in Indiana and my first time in Indianapolis, so this was more of an excursion than I thought.

We arrived a day before the convention, which gave us enough time to settle into our hotel room and relax. Our relaxation was short lived for my friend and I did not have anything substantial to eat for most of the day. We left the room to wander around the bustling Indianapolis area in search of food. After acquiring (cheap) food, walking around the mall, and seeing SpiderMan: Homecoming, we called it a night to prepare for nerd mecha!

Indy PopCon was celebrating it’s 5th annual convention. Though that is fairly young compared to others, this convention was riddled with people without ever feeling overcrowded. The last convention I attended was Otakon 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Otakon has a massive fan appeal, so one must get use to being bumped into at every turn; Indy PopCon was a nice change of pace for me.

At this convention there is more of a focus on popular culture then simply anime culture. 20170708_192210This was reflected in the cosplay which ranged from Master Chief from Halo to Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I brought a camera with me to record the festivities and most importantly, the cosplay. There was pure craziness at the sheer detail in a lot of the cosplays with a few that appeared to have come from a movie set!

There were a variety of booths in the convention hall as well. Selling body pillows with anime characters on them are a mainstay in anime conventions, but having a fully functioning Lego droid factory was new to me. As a new card game is being played in the gamer’s area, there was a 7ft Wookie with a walking stick posing for every camera aimed at him. Further in the corner of the room were two snake handlers with pythons for people to touch. There was even a tortoise there!


Adi Shankar, Producer of Netflix’s Castlevania

There was so much life at this convention. 20170708_182404The event staff were awesome, the panels were cool and the attendees all appeared to enjoy themselves as well. I know my friend and I sure did. I wish the convention was a day longer because I had a great time, but I would be dead broke from buying to many reflective anime bookmarks.

As I mentioned before, I created a montage video of Indy PopCon. It was so much fun being behind the camera again and filming some of the most creative displays of the human imagination. Special thanks to my friend Davon for travelling out to Indiana, as well as asking cosplayers to be in the video. Another special thanks to my friend Khaleed. He agreed to help edit the video and very thankful that he did. I can not thank Khaleed enough which is why you can help me thank him in subscribing to his channel at SecondBestProductions. He has several wonderfully done montage videos of anime conventions that he has attended. Seriously, check him out!

20170708_222339Indy PopCon 2017 was definitely a small convention with lots of spirit and heart, looking forward to attending again in the future!


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