E3 is Open to the Public!


E3 has finally gone public! The general public now has the opportunity to attend the biggest event in all of videogame culture! This is fantastic news for anyone who has always wanted to attend the event but unable to because of having no ties to the media industry and/or academic institutions in some form. So the details:

  1. 15, 000 tickets will go on sale February 13, 2017 at 12pm EST/9am PST
  2. First 1,000 tickets will be available for $150
  3. After the 1,000 tickets are sold the price jumps to $250
  4. According to IGN.com, “Owners of the passes will get  access                                               to the E3 show floor and other events including “gamer events                                      and discussions with leading video game figures at LA Live”                                     through a partnership between the Entertainment Software                                     Association (ESA) and Geoff Keighley.”

This is great. My dream came true when I attended E3 in 2015! It was one of the best moments of my life. I tested out some of the newest games coming out within that year or in the future. I was able to play StarWars: Battlefront when it was still in its infancy. I got to meet and greet with some of the biggest names in gaming; Gregg Miller, Danny O’Dwyer, Nick Scarpino, Justin Wong, etc. Just wow!

Everytime E3 roles around there is always chatter about is E3 relevant!? Do we still need a big event showcasing the latest in videogames and videogame technology if the public can simply watch what is happening on the show floor via the many livestreams that occur during the event? Why pay hundreds of dollars to test out games that may never see the light of day beyond that week at E3? These are valid questions and quite frankly I do not have the answers. What I can say is that at least attending the event is a very interesting experience. It was a life changing experience for me because I was surrounded by industry professionals and publishers. I was able to ask questions and have conversations with game developers myself instead of watching a YouTube video of someone else asking the questions. I was able to be at an event full of people who, in some regard like me, a gamer.

If you can attend the event, then please do! Go with friends! Unfortunately, I was unable to do that, but I did make a new friend when I was there. E3 is ultimately what you make it. So attend and try to have some fun! Hopefully, it will be an experience of a lifetime!