Nintendo Switch: Let’s Call it A Comeback!



On Thursday, October 20, 2016 Nintendo revealed the highly anticipated Nintendo NX! Nintendo NX officially called “Ninteno Switch” aptly fits with the hardware’s design. The song “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) by White Denim was the theme song for this very impressive and you one could say revolutionary design. In the video which you can see here, you can see the first actor use a standard controller to interact with the system. Next, he slides off the right side and left sides of the controller. That’s right, slides off two end pieces, both sides containing a joy stick and “ABXY” button configurations. The end pieces attached to a larger display that was connected to the base of the console (which probably acts as a charging station and output to connect to a monitor or tv). So, now players can have what looked to be a 7 inch display on the go!

Lastly, sharing the gaming the experience with others has always been at the core of Nintendo. The two end pieces can be used as separate controllers to play two player co-op while using the portal screen. The video suggests multiplayer co-op in a scene where some basketball players were going against each other in NBA 2K.

The portal display comes with a headphone jack, but not for sure what else the device contains within the hardware (NFC, Bluetooth, etc.)

Good job Nintendo! I am so happy you and this console! They say “Don’t Call It A Comeback”, but you needed one! Badly! Now, just don’t mess this up with out having some awesome launch titles when the system releases in March 2017. Please don’t mess this up!



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