One Happy Family: Cross-Network Play Announced!

cross network play

What!? Serious! I cannot believe what I has been reading all over my Facebook feed, “Microsoft Announces Cross Network Play support.”This is amazing and a very bold step for Microsoft more broadly, this a big step for videogamers around the world. Cross Network Play will allow gamers to play with each other through Xbox live and PSN (Playstation Network). The first game for this feature has already been out for sometime. Rocket League, the crazy racecar soccer videogame will connect Xbox and Playstation players together. It does not stop there. Brett Monlina stated in his article, “Chris Charla, the director of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program, says the company has extended an “open invitation” to other networks to participate.“This means PC players can potentially join in on the fun. This is wonderful!

Microsoft is already working on cross platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10, thus bridging the gap between console and PC players. The now cancelled, Fable Legends, was supposed to be the launch game featuring this innovation, but we must wait even longer now.

The implications for cross network play means either the console wars debate is finally dead in the water or it has only begun! I am not for sure. Only time and lots of cross-network compatible games will tell. Personally, I have to decide which system I should play on since I own an Xbox One and PS4. #firstworldproblems Anywho, Sony has to agree to this, but hopefully they will. It would be a puzzling mistake if they do not. Xbox One, PS4, and PC integration is finally on the horizon. Now let’s make sure none of these publishers try to hike up subscription prices or release two versions of game (one that supports cross network play and one that does not). I have my eyes on Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo…ummm…just keep working on Project NX!




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