Sony E3 2015 Breakdown!

Sony had a grocery list of games to be announced. Starting with the ever so hopeful The Last Guardian. The game is about a little boy and a giant feathery bird or dog creature. Little is known about the game, but I hope this game will be epic. I mean people have only been waiting about 8 years!

New game entitled, “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is set in a futuristic, but prehistoric setting. For example, you see robotic dinosaurs that are hunting. This gave has a female protagonist to it, which honestly shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is. The videogame industry is highly male dominated, but I say if millions can enjoy the swift moving Faith from Mirror’s Edge, then this game has a shot.

Agent 47 makes his debut return in the new Hitman game called…Hitman. Agent 47 returns from a long absence back into his skillful and deadly ways of hunting down targets. I enjoyed Hitman: Absolution, so hopefully this reboot trumps its predecessor.

The large scaled procedurally generated game, No Man’s Sky, held a live demonstration of the game. This game is huge. Stars upon stars, suns upon suns, cosmos upon cosmos. The game is so big that a lot of the planets will never be discovered. Hopefully, launches properly and not create a black hole of rage.

Many other games such as Dreams, Fire Watch, and some PS Vita games made an appearance. Each one seem interesting and fun, so hopefully others think the same.

Fans rejoiced proudly over the announcement trailer of the remake of Final Fantasy 7. I am not a big Final Fantasy fan, but I guess this announcement was something thousands have been waiting to hear.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End had a very interesting live demo. During after a cutscene was done to give the player control, nothing happen. As in the Nathan was just standing there for 15 seconds not moving. After that they restarted the trailer again, which corrected the problem. The live demo at Nathan in a car chase trying to flee the scene from some goons. Very crazy, very wild, very Uncharted!

StarWars Battlefront made an appearance with some multiplayer footage and Black Ops 3 did the same showing off a 4 player coop multiplayer demo.

The biggest announcement that rocked the house was  Shenmue 3. Legendary creator, Yu Suzuki, made a surprise appearance announcing the KickStarter project for Shenmue 3. This $2 million dollar KickStarter was fully funded in 13 hours and at the time of this post it is at $3,287,802.

Sony did a spectacular job at E3! Some may say their best conference in a long time. I am now thinking of purchasing a PS4 because these games are awesome!


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