A&J GameChat Launches June 15

So after many months, my partner Umbrellaleg (Ella) and I have finally been able to focus on YouTube. We are in the process of recording and editing our videos. We are very excited to voice our opinions and feedback related to videogame culture and comicbook culture. This channel has been in the works for sometime now, but other commitments and life in general put the channel at a stand still. Things have slowed down a little for both myself and Ella because of the summer, thus giving us time to focus on the channel.

A&J Media goal is to the conversations and topics that are trendy, timely, or important. Most importantly, we will discuss controversial issues in a manner that is understandable, provides context, and elaborate  perspectives surrounding the topic. Ella and I have always had many things to stay, but only kept our opinions in one on one conversations. We feel that we can contribute greatly to the debates and stereotypes around videogames and videogamers. We invite anyone is passionate about games, study games, or just interested in videogame and comicbook cultures to check out our channel. This is a venture for us, so we willing be producing content as well as improving our content.

Again the channel launches June 15 and will be posting new videos on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis on either Monday or Friday. So check us out and I hope many of you become fans! Peace!


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