Nananananan Broken-Arkham Knight PSA

Why Batman!? Why do have release broken. I waited…we waited so long for you!

In case you haven’t heard, newly released Batman: Arkham Knight is facing serious issues on both PC and recently, PS4 verisons of the game. Reports of frame rate drops, low-quality graphics, and an absurd amount of bugs has plagued the caped crusader. RockSteady, the game development studio of the Batman franchise, issued out a statement apologizing for the horrible launch. The PC version of the game has also been pulled by them because of the issues.

Watch A&J GameChat’s new video explaining the current situation.


Ubisoft E3 2015 Breakdown!

Ubisoft started out strong with a gameplay demo of a new IP entitled, For Honor.  For Honor is a “close quarters melee combat” in which you can play as one of three kinds of warriors: Knights, Samurais, and Vikings. The game looks pretty promising, so I hope there is a lot more to it. Moving on from knights to cars – the Crew: WildRun  Expansion Pack was announced! After that brief trailer, the screen switched to the fast trotting of a horse with explosions in the background. The camera slowly pans to epic shot of the rider being a cat on horseback. Yes, a cat on horseback with explosions! Trails Fusion: Awesome Level Max take my money!

Next, Tom Clancy’s: The Division made an appearance showing off some gameplay. The Division will be released March 8, 2016 with the beta being available soon to those who preorder the game. Rainbow Six: Siege had a live multiplayer demo that really showed off the game. The classic game Track Mania is being rebooted with, Track Mania: Turbo.

The new Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate made an appearance with a spank’in brand new trailer that delved into the underbelly of the industrialized world of London. Lastly, the new franchise installment to the classic Ghost Recon games was announced. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an open-world cooperative third-person shooter; the trailer makes the game look interesting, but the question is whether it’s fun to play or not. Ubisoft you did a nice job today, so don’t mess it up by having it released broken.

EA E3 2015 Breakdown

EA started out with a quick trailer of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Then, a new Need For Speed reboot game for current-gen consoles was put into the spotlight. The game was supplemented with nice screenshots of car customization, which was followed by some very cool gameplay.

Next, STWOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire was announced with a very narrative driven trailer. Afterwards, much attention was given to showing off Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The game looks crazier, chaotic, and fun as ever before.

After some talk about NHL and NBA 2K16, a renowned soccer player, Pele, made an appearance to help promote FIFA 16. It was interesting – depending on how you feel about holding an actual interview during an event about games.

Finally, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst was shown through a very ominous yet narrative told trailer. This game looks amazing! The free roaming liberator Faith returns February 23, 2016.

Lastly, some StarWars: Battlefront gameplay was shown off for the first time. Tie-fighters, first person action, and lightsabers! Definitely cannot wait to see more of it.

That pretty much sums it up. Good job EA, but your biggest challenge is yet to come. Release day with no glitches!

Microsoft E3 2015 Breakdown!

Microsoft started off their press conference by appealing to those gamers who want to take “a leap” forward into the future of gaming with a trailer voiced by several iconic Xbox characters: Master Chief-Halo, Marcus Fenix-Gears of War. The game shown was Halo 5: Guardians. The live demo has you following Spartan Locke and his team trying to hunt down Master Chief. The demo showed that players can manage their team in several ways; positioning teammates, healing, and combat.

Next, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer gave something gamers never thought possible, but always wanted: Backwards Compatibility. The crowd went wild, while Phil basked in the adulation. After showing Mass Effect running natively on Xbox One, Fallout 4 presented itself with amazing gameplay.The post apocalyptic Boston looks dreadful in a very nice way! I have never been a huge fan of Fallout games, but I do appreciate the level of care and complexity within this game. Fans will be happy to know that modding will be allowed on Xbox One for Fallout 4! Now isn’t that awesome!

Afterwards, they announced Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and EA talked a little about EA Access; the takeaway from that is that you can get discounts on games if you pay EA $5 a month.

Back to the games.

Can you think of a better way to promote Forza Motorsport 6 than to drop a car down from the sky? I can’t. And that’s what they did. They captured the attention of the full audience by dropping down a sleek cobalt GT into the middle of the floor. And while I’m not much of a racing fan, the game still looks amazing.

Dark Souls was announced with a very creepy teaser trailer. Following afterwards, Tom Clancy’s: The Division made an appearance with a world exclusive trailer; the trailer started off calm, but things quickly picked up with some amazing gameplay action. This game peaked my interest at last year’s E3 and did so again this year.

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been promoting a commitment to supporting independent developers. Tacoma, developed by Fullbrightstrikes me as some type of space exploration game. Derrick Bradley, developer at Aurora44, debuted Ashen. Ashen is a….ummm…something, but it looks interesting. Beyond Eyes and Cuphead are truly two unique games that many will love.

Ion was honestly a random game with trailer that explained nothing. All I know is that you are in space.

Finally, Rise of the Tomb Raider made an a dramatic appearance with its death-defying and cinematic trailer. Lara Croft is more badass than ever, granted she is trying very hard not die throughout the entire trailer. Rise of the Tomb Raider is definitely a contender for game of the year. Cannot wait to play this game when it releases November 10, 2015.

The classics never die with the announcement trailer of Rare Replay, a collection of 30 classic Xbox titles on one disc!

Sea of Thieves looks to be some kind of pirate MOBA or something. I have no clue!

Fable Legends presented itself with a trailer, but not much else was mentioned.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) is looking to be a game changer! Minecraft Hololens was shown off and it was magical. Just the ability to interact with a 3D vitrual world in real time is mindblowing!

Lastly, Gears of War treated viewers with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and a Gears of War 4 trailer that looked and sounded amazing!

Microsoft came out strong and kept up the ferociousness throughout the briefing. Of course, the biggest announcement for me and many other was backwards compatibility! Finally, my 360 can drift off into an external slumber. Great job Microsoft, now ensure this stuff actually works upon launch!

Jaystonee is headed to E3!!!!

That’s right ladies, gentleman, and other life forms! I will be attendance for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo! This is a dream come true of mine and I am so excited to go! I will be a the LA Convention Center looking and interacting with as much as I can. Of course, endless pictures and videos will be taken! I honestly and so overwhelmed I have no idea what else to say. I want to say thank to the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department and my awesome mentor Professor Ray for funding my way to go! Of course, to see all the pictures follow me on Twitter. To listen and see me messing and derping around on the show floor check out my partner and I YouTube channel! E3! Let’s Go!

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Is Upon Us (Again, but better!)

On June 11, 2015 at 1pm, Oculus unveiled their fully finished product the Oculus Rift: VR Headset. Just in case you have been out the virtual reality loop here is a summary. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality “VR” headset that brings you inside the videogame (virtually speaking). It is supposed to a giant leap forward than past VR headsets, which I believe it is. At their press conference they should off the black light weight headset. The headset has adjustable lenses to accommodate various eye distances. A receiver dongle will need to be plugged into your computer in order to track the headset. Suprisingly, an Xbox One controller will come packaged with the headset due to an unexpected partnership with Microsoft. Good ole, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, came out on staging talking about the integration between Windows 10, Xbox One, and the Oculus Rift. A demo was playing showing a player wearing the headset and looking into a virtual living room, playing Forza: Motorsport 6 (I think).

Other games were showcased as well, EVE Valkyrie, puts you the pilot seat of a space fighter jet attacking a fleet on hostile aliens. Insominac Games revealed Edge of Nowhere, which puts into arctic adventure story with beautiful glaciers and landscapes. Afterward the games were announce, Anna Sweet, Head of Developer Strategy, announce a $10 million dollar investment plan into independent game development. Pretty cool!

Lastly, Oculus Founder, Palmer Luckey, announced Oculus Touch! It looks interesting. It’s like a joystick that you continuously hold with a ring going you hand. Oculus Touch provides haptic feedback and low-latency (little lag between input and the output of the movement). It integrates “Hand Presence, Manipulation, Low Mental Load, and Communicative Gestures, and Traditional Inputs”.

The Oculus Rift has been in development for about 3 or so years now. I am excited and interesting to see if this will catch on in today’s market. Only time will tell. Oculus Rift: VR headset releases Q1 of 2016. No price has been announced, but you can bet “Jusrassic” it’s going to cost a pretty penny!

One Year On WordPress! Who Knew!?

Wow! It’s been one whole year of being a blogger! I am in awe for how long I have come since my first post, June 9, 2014. It’s been a long journey. I learned so much about the ins and outs of becoming a good blogger. I had major hesitation in starting this blog. I did not think anyone would be interested in anything I had to say. I mean who wants to a read, at the time, a junior sociology major trying to become a videogame researcher.  With 700 plus views, I guess people enjoy what I have to say.

Blogging has taught many things. Number one, be consistent. I constantly fluctuated between on average 20 views a week to just 3 or 4. It was difficult to roll out a weekly post regularly because of school work and other commitments. I am sociology major, so all I do is write, which can be taxing on the brain and body. Number two, have a beta. My dearest friend, Ana, agreed to be my beta or editor for my blog. Her red marks and stark criticism has really helped improve the quality of blogs. So Ana, thanks! Number three, connect with other bloggers either by replying to their posts and/or emailing them. Most of my followers come from me leaving well thought out replies to their posts. I would like to get connected with more people, but that is a work in progress.

Wow! One year of blogging! It has been difficult, but becoming has really affected my personal life. For example, I got consultancy job around last October. My blog my not have directly landed me the job, but I did discuss it in detail to the employer, in which she seem impressed by. So hip-hip-hooray to my first year of blogging and to many more blogs to follow. Thank you to all those have supported me, since the beginning and to those you view my blogs. It means a lot to me. Thank You!

A&J GameChat Launches June 15

So after many months, my partner Umbrellaleg (Ella) and I have finally been able to focus on YouTube. We are in the process of recording and editing our videos. We are very excited to voice our opinions and feedback related to videogame culture and comicbook culture. This channel has been in the works for sometime now, but other commitments and life in general put the channel at a stand still. Things have slowed down a little for both myself and Ella because of the summer, thus giving us time to focus on the channel.

A&J Media goal is to the conversations and topics that are trendy, timely, or important. Most importantly, we will discuss controversial issues in a manner that is understandable, provides context, and elaborate  perspectives surrounding the topic. Ella and I have always had many things to stay, but only kept our opinions in one on one conversations. We feel that we can contribute greatly to the debates and stereotypes around videogames and videogamers. We invite anyone is passionate about games, study games, or just interested in videogame and comicbook cultures to check out our channel. This is a venture for us, so we willing be producing content as well as improving our content.

Again the channel launches June 15 and will be posting new videos on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis on either Monday or Friday. So check us out and I hope many of you become fans! Peace!