Videogame Hustle: Articles, E3, and Youtube

The passage of time is an uncontrollable tunnel that we all must go through. This metaphor and post is suppose to help explain my absence from my blog. The time I spent not on this blog was being spent doing school work. However, my school work has involved me doing papers on videogames. Each paper focuses on the topic of broken videogames. Most of us would agree that buying a “broken vidoegame” sucks. Videogame at their core functionality are suppose to be engaging and fun. A broken videogame however, takes the fun out of playing our favorite games. This topic is what I have involved myself with over the past two months or so. Besides broken videogames, I have been working on two other projects around this incredible medium.

First, I have been working on a way on attending this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3). Through the help of my mentor and others, I will hopefully be able to attend E3 this summer. Things are already in the works on making this happened. I will post updates on the progress of this venture.

Secondly, I am headed to Youtube! That is right! I, Jaystonee will be starting a YouTube Channel called A&J Media. I will not be alone on this channel for my partner named, Ella, will be with me. This channel will comprised of three parts. Jaystonee on the Program will be hosted by me for I will be giving commentary, opinions, and maybe reviews on videogames. Ella, short for Umbrellaleg, will be giving mostly commentary on her favorite games as well as comics. She as well will have her side of the channel entitled, Ella’s Thoughts (working title).  Also, she has started her own WordPress blogsite which you can check out here. Lastly, there will be have videos that has us together discussing important issues, topics, or trends in videogames and comic books. We are really excited to start. Launch date is yet to be determined.

So, that’s it! So I have been doing a lot! Hopefully, this will all pan out in the end. My papers will posted on the site as soon as I can. E3 plans will be updated when made available. A&J Media launch date will be announced soon. Ella is definitely excited to bring her voice and opinions to the conversation of videogame and comic book cultures. Thanks for the continued support of my blogsite and hopefully I will see you all on YouTube. Lastly, who can follow Ella here on twitter and the channel here. Thanks again!


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