Snow Days!

At the time of this post I am currently in my room relaxing. My university closed school for the second time this week. So, you now what that means!? I which that meant more game time, but duty first. I do plan on playing some Dragon Age:  Inquisition. My friend and blog editor has mostly been playing DA:I on my account, so I have no idea to expect when I play again.

It’s amazing how snow days went from fun filled slides down a snowy hill to praising the extra to get work done. I am not saying this is bad at all for I feel accomplished when I get work done. Us gamers put so much work in when it comes to our videogames. One could easily spend 20 to 30 hours in game over a short period of time if we our invested enough.

So I will cherish each snow day for I gain extra time to reflect. I gain extra time ponder. I gain extra time to enjoy the medium I love, videogames. Here is to cherishing the extra time we! Happy snow day everyone! Here is hoping this weather changes soon. Snow days are cool and all catching up in classes are pain.


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