Here We Go! Nintendo Goes Mobile!

This is has been an exciting and relaxing week for me and it’s only getting better. I go from a enlightening 4-day conference to Spring Break with not a suite-mate insight. Tuesday as I arose from me slumber, I checked my phone and saw some amazing news. Nintendo announced a partnership with Japanese mobile company, DeNA. This new partnership promises to bring our favorite plumber and his friends into the phone and tablet marketplace. One word, FINALLY!! It astounds me how long it took Nintendo to reach this point, but hey, rather late than never. No other details on this partnership has been released, only that we should expect something to hit phones, tablets, and PCs later this year. Oh yeah, one more thing.

Nintendo announced a new hardware system codenamed, “NX”. What does these mean? Is it a new console? How much will it cost? All these questions with no answers yet to be released. More than likely, E3 will give us more detail on this new hardware system.

I am excited! Finally, I get to smash Koopas in the comfort of my bed. At last, I get to pop a wheelie during my classes. Of course, I am exaggerating..a bit, but these are plausible scenarios. We will see what lies ahead for the future of Nintendo in 2015. So far so good Nintendo, so far so good! For more editorial insight check out this Gamespot article. Now back to rest and relaxation.


My Conference Convo!

I am currently attending the 16th National Conference for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research. It is a 4 day conference held  at the University of Maryland, College Park (my current institution). Students from all over the country are here to either present and/or partake in the lectures given at the McNair Conference. So far I have met several students from New York to as far as Wisconsin. These students are friendly, proactive, and brilliant.

As we engaged in conversation about our research interests, I of course stated that I study videogame culture. Eyes widen and heads nodded in appreciation and admiration of my research interest. As I gave adulation to my mentor for helping form my research project, I slightly mentioned videogames and violence. That of course was a spring board into the tiring debate of videogames and violence. So I prepared myself yet again for someone to explain their position. Violent vidoegames do make people aggressive.., an article I read…, well I heard… These are just a few of the remarks I hear from those who want to make an inform opinion, but do not have the background knowledge to do so. Quite the contrary, she boldly stated, “Do you videogames create murders, no. But I do believe there could be a contributing factor to violence.” She followed up with the example of violence in GTA (Grand Theft Auto). After I deferred the conversation away from that she we moved onto to my gender and racial portrayals in videogames. Then, she amazed when she asked me, “Have you ever played Mortal Kombat?” I smiled wholeheartedly saying, “I already have it pre-ordered (referring to MKX).”

It wasn’t so much the statements she gave, but that I was able to talked about vidoegames at a conference. Granted, this conference is not gaming-centric, but still its meaningful. This conference is just getting started, so many more people for me to meet. Hopefully by the end of this conference I will have new contacts, new information, and lasting relationships.

Snow Days!

At the time of this post I am currently in my room relaxing. My university closed school for the second time this week. So, you now what that means!? I which that meant more game time, but duty first. I do plan on playing some Dragon Age:  Inquisition. My friend and blog editor has mostly been playing DA:I on my account, so I have no idea to expect when I play again.

It’s amazing how snow days went from fun filled slides down a snowy hill to praising the extra to get work done. I am not saying this is bad at all for I feel accomplished when I get work done. Us gamers put so much work in when it comes to our videogames. One could easily spend 20 to 30 hours in game over a short period of time if we our invested enough.

So I will cherish each snow day for I gain extra time to reflect. I gain extra time ponder. I gain extra time to enjoy the medium I love, videogames. Here is to cherishing the extra time we! Happy snow day everyone! Here is hoping this weather changes soon. Snow days are cool and all catching up in classes are pain.