Net Neutrality! That was a Close One!

Hark, The Herald Angels Sing on High! That was definitely a close one. 3-2 vote to be exact. So, if you have been under the proverbial rock on the topic of Net Neutrality, well let me explain. Net Neutrality is basically the push or act of keeping the internet accessible to everyone who uses it. Most importantly, it is a principle to keep Internet Service Providers from discriminating against certain websites. To be honest, I am not the best at explaining in full detail, but I know who does! Hank from the vlogbrothers channel on Youtube explains the debate around Net Neutrality in a very interesting way! Click on here to view.

This is exciting! The FCC will now treat ISPs as “common carriers” such as the cellphone companies. The internet is safe…for now. I don’t want to speculate, but I have the feeling that some big company will try to overturn this newly implemented measure. Anywho, celebrate! We won the battle of Net Neutrality!

Game On Gamers!


The Order: 1886 is too Expensive for It’s Own Good!

Those who are intuned with gaming news have heard about the The Order: 1886 gameplay length. Between 5 to 7 hours seems to be the average time gamers need to spend to complete the story. The issue is exactly that, it’s pretty short gameplay wise. A narrative based game is not bad at all. Some of the best games I own such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution is all campaign. I do believe there is one main force acting around the hysteria of The Order: 1886. So let’s dive in shall we?

MSRP for a newly release game is $60, of course you can games cheaper through other retailers and sites. For the sake of argument, a newly released game retails for $60. Gamers have become even more cautious on the games they buy do to technical and defective games that have come out. So, as gamer I feel that my $60 must be well spent on something I know or hope I will have fun with. This idea of wisely investing your money in a videogame is highly valued nowadays. So, as far as The Order goes does it deserve to retail for $60. I 100% say no!  The Order is stylish, cinematic, and ultimately short. Gamespot’s Kevin VanOrd describes the game as simply “boring”. Other reviewers call it “short”, “uncompromising”, and have some writers question the very nature of “quality and value” in videogames. With such adamant opinions one can not help, but think twice about buying The Order:1886 at $60 or buying the game at all. The $60 price tag is undeserved when it comes to this cinematic Victorian narrative. So if $60 is the price point, what should it be?

This of course is debatable, but reflecting on solely based on the various reviews and gameplay I have seen, The Order: 1886 should have been retailed for at least $35 to $40. Besides the games length and mixed opinions of its narrative, every one agrees The Order has some great moments, beautiful scenery, and an interesting weapons. On those fronts The Order should be praised. If it’s $40 bucks worth of praise, I think so. Yes, there is no multiplayer and dlc has yet to be announced. This is one of main reasons its hard to even justify this $40 price range I’m suggesting. From a business perspective if the game start selling at too small a price point, that could mean bad news for Ready at Dawn.

All gamers want to feel that they are getting the best bang for their buck! No one wants to feel cheated or that they have half a product. The onslaught of broken games has made the gaming community question every game that comes out. At the end of day The Order1886 should not have come out at $60. One could argue it should have just been download only. The ideals of the gaming market is always changing and as gamers we change with it. But, is my change worth 5-7 hours of gameplay with no multiplayer, side missions, limited access to the in game environment? It all depends on if it’s worth spending the money to play or watching walkthroughs on YouTube.

Bethesda Steps Up to the E3 plate!

Bethesda will hold its own press conference at E3 this year. This is quite interesting, but not completely shocking. EA and Ubisoft started to hold its own because of the many titles that they possess. Bethesda has found themselves in the same boat as well. So, what does this all mean? Hopefully, we here and see more news about Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia. I love the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim because of the massive open world experience and interesting landscapes. Dishonored is one of my favorite stealth games besides Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I personally have not heard of any news about a second Dishonored, but one can hope. Of course, everyone who is a Bethesda fan wants to hear more about Fallout 4. These titles are the backbone of Bethesda so, they should deliver something special.

Bethesda is the now the new kid on the block. So they have to come strong at E3. I believe they will, but E3 can be un- predictable. There are always games that no one has ever heard of that are announced only at E3. I cannot wait. Trust me when I say Bethesda will not be only publisher to hold its own at E3. E3 evolves every year! Soon enough E3 can become an 5 day conference instead of 3 day. One can only imagine!

Don’t Give It Up to Fast!

Mortal Kombat hands down is my favorite fighting game. The characters are interesting and lively. The lore behind the game is intriguing and literally has a world(s) of its own. Last but not least, the over top, spine twisting, head smashing, eye gouging, blood spilling gore and violence of the game is pleasurable to look at. This iteration of the MKX franchise is set to be the most cringe worthy game yet.

MKX is shaping up to be the game that every gamer (within the proper age range) should get. The interesting fact is that gamers still only know so much about the game. We know some information about the maps and characters, but there is still so much to learn. Half of the roster is yet to be announced. We as gamers have been spoiled by game developers extensively elaborating on their new IP’s. Most of the games I own today I knew well about before there respective launches. Why? Developers and publishers want gamers to know exactly what they are buying into. 2014 made it clear that just because we know much about a game does not mean it will be good. Hopefully, NetherRealm Studios took note of that, thus releasing information about the game slowly over time.

At the end of the day gamers expect to handed information closer to release dates. Honestly, I miss the days where we only knew very little about the game and it turns out to be a smash hit. When I play a new I expect different experiences than the norm to engaged me. Its not as fun if you see and hear what those experiences are before hand. Keeping a few secrets is not bad in this case. Leave a little mystery for the gamers and let gamers unlock those secrets. It will be fun and interesting at the same time.