Hello everyone! So, in an earlier post  entitled “Changes are Coming!“, I had announced several changes coming to the site. The first change I did was the look of the site. Hopefully, you feel my site is more clean looking and less demonic! Lol! Another change was my including my twitter feed which you can look through and follow. Any who, another change that will be happening is the shortening of the web address to the site. It has been brought to my attention that my current address is a mouthful and hard to remember. I agreee! So, in the next couple of days I will changing the address to what it is now to simply, jaystonee.wordpress.com. If you follow this blog through wordpress.com than great, there should be no issue. If you have my site saved as link then get ready to change it by Monday around 12pm EST. I will post another reminder on Sunday.


I am working on engaging my audience in a more…vocal way soon!


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