Microsoft Steps their Game Up!

Well good job Microsoft! Really a job well done!

Microsoft announced a variety of different services and functionalities coming to PC and Xbox One. The press and online viewers were treated with the first in-depth look at Windows 10. Windows 10 incorporates the tile-esque app style of Windows 8 within the beloved desktop screen. Therefore, no more switching between the desktop view and app screen. That was only a minuscule change within the larger and defined look of Windows 10.

Integration was definitely the key focus during the briefing. Windows 10 apps, personal storage, and other functionalities will be accessible through all Windows 10 PC’s, tablets, and phones. They also showed off Cortana! Along with helping  Master Chief she is now a user’s virtual personal assistant. Voice commands are nothing new, but she does learn a lot about the user and she did quite well in understanding the presenters commands.

Most importantly, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer,debuted PC and Xbox One integration. Using the Xbox app on the PC this will allow the owner to play their Xbox One games on their PC and Surface Pro 3 tablet. Also, recording gameplay outside of the Xbox app such as Steam is fairly easy. Just record the portion of gameplay you want to share with the Windows 10 recording function and it will automatically upload to your Xbox One social media feed. The biggest announcement I was excited for the crossplay between PC and Xbox gamers. He demoed with a colleague the upcoming Fable Legends game. The young lady was on the Xbox One and Phil was on the PC. It was easy to join in the game and no visible lag or frame rate drop.

Also, did I forget mentioned Microsoft unveiled their Holographics headset. That’s right, holograms!

Microsoft really stepped their game up! They are definitely making 2015 the year of integration, simplicity, and innovation. Now we wait and see just how well these new services and functionalities perform when released to the public. This year in gaming and technology is starting to heat up! And I like it!


One thought on “Microsoft Steps their Game Up!

  1. Exciting times indeed. i was very impressed with what they showed. Im currently running 8.1. my old pc ran windows 7. I don’t hate 8.1 i actually kind of like it now that im used to it, but I’m definitely excited for 10

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