The Preorder Disorder!

Usually around this time of year some of us gamers go through a quandary! Of course, every new year comes with new IPs, remasters, and sequels. Therefore, we think on what new titles we want throughout the year. Inevitably, this leads to us researching about the games quite thoroughly. If we like what we see and hear, then we may invest early into the title by preordering the game. But is it worth it anymore?

2014 will forever be immortalized as the year of broken games and empty promises! I read an interesting Yahoo article that gave me the idea for this blog post. The article is entitled, “2015 is the year that we stop preordering video games once and for all”. You can read it here. The writer argues that if we the consumer did not preorder these games as much as we did, maybe major game companies would have spent more time on the quality of the games they produce. Therefore, preordering should basically be no longer a thing.

Preordering as we all know is an investment. It is an investment not only in the videogame, but an investment into the company and yourself enjoying the game upon release. Investments are also gambles. A company creates a new IP hoping it will be a hit. The company creates some media buzz around the game to hear and see what people think. Of course, money speaks louder than words. If preorder sales are moderate to high the company is reassured that the IP will be a hit. On the other hand, low preorder sales tells the company that they need to change and tweak some things. It is with these investments in games that also gives us hope. Hope in the fact the game won’t suck. Unfortunately, this was not the case last year.

So what to do now? Do we stop preordering in the hopes game developers and publishers thoroughly test and enhance their games. Or should we continue to preorder in hopes the developers and publishers feel the pressure of producing a bug free and playable game? I for one am stuck in the middle. I currently have Batman: Arkham Knight and soon to be Mortal Kombat X on preorder. Both games look fun, gorgeous, and “next-gen” to me.The big question is, “Will they be playable with minimum problems?” I will not know until their release. Unfortunately, videogames today have me…living on a prayer! Sorry I just really love that song!  Anywho, 2015 is the year to see what the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and new pc hardware can do with these games and vice versa. I just want to be able to give an accurate reflection on game without months of updates. Here’s looking at you Master Chief Collection! Hopefully, 2014 will not repeat itself in 2015. So now, we wait and see what will on unfold.


4 thoughts on “The Preorder Disorder!

  1. I definitely agree. I think that taking a wait and see approach to buying games will force developers/publishers to make sure they have a good product before they ship it. Its insane how many games were broken over the last year. I think they also announce games way too early. I know they want to build up hype, but maybe wait til the game is nearer completion I would even go as far as saying almost wait until its gold before even announcing it if possible. that way there isn’t these huge 3 year waits and pressure to get a game out that doesn’t end up working. Gamers have been a very forgiving bunch, we may whine and moan, but at in the end we still throw our many at them. i think that’s starting to change

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