Changes Are Coming!

Finally, 2015 has arrived! Christmas was fun and New Year’s was a blast! Now that the holidays are behind us, I am ready to announce some new ventures I plan to embark in 2015. This blog has been more successful than I ever imagined and for that I am grateful. As I continue my journey to become more integrated into the videogame community as either a videogame researcher, journalist, consultant, etc. I will be bringing more content about videogames in the forms of podcasting and live streaming! A friend and I have been discussing this for sometime and soon enough it will come to fruition. She loves videogames just as much as I do and is a big fan of comic books. She has also been PC gaming much longer than I have, so she would have greater insight on more independent games than myself. Hopefully, in the coming months we will be podcasting via Youtube and Soundcloud. I will detail more information as soon as we have a handle on things.

Twitch is a very popular format to display one’s skills in a game as well as engaging with the gaming community. Another friend of mine who goes by the gamertag “TheDovanAmerican” has started his twitch streaming channel. He also uploads all of his videos to Youtube. You can check him about by clicking here. I am sure you will like his commentary! He speaks upon random topics and watching him become either a fragmaster or an epic failure is always a joy to watch! I will start to do guest appearances with him.

I plan to change the look of the site. I feel as though the color palette and the style does not match well with my personality. Thanks to the bevy of themes provided by WordPress I will be picking a new theme. The new theme will be just as simple, but I will feel more comfortable with it.

Lastly, this summer I start to do my first bit of original videogame research. With the help of sociology Assistant  Professor Dr. Rashawn Ray, I will be taking a close look at gender portrayals in videogame trailers. The gamergate debacle raised issues about ethics in gaming journalism as well as women in gaming. Therefore, this research will be quite relevant on the issues of gender.

This year is going to jammed pack for me, but in a good way! I invite all of you to join me!  As stated in a previous blog, I have set a goal of gaining 1,500 collective views. And so far so good! Thanks again for your continued support and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas on how to make this blog better just leave a comment, send a tweet @JavononthePrgm, or email me! Let the 2015 year of gaming commence!


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