Web Address Changed…Again! Jstonee.wordpress.com

Hello everyone! First things first! The web address changed…again. The new web address is jstonee.wordpress.com. The other address was unavailable. So there’s that. Secondly, school is back in session for me. “Oh joy!”, he said sarcastically. Therefore, I am yet again busy. This should not affect the frequency of posts to my blog for I generally pre-write blog posts a day or two in advance. This is a short post today, but an important one. You have any questions or comments for me just post them or email them to me. Have a nice day! If you are on the East Coast like I am, bundled up and stay warm!



Hello everyone! So, in an earlier post  entitled “Changes are Coming!“, I had announced several changes coming to the site. The first change I did was the look of the site. Hopefully, you feel my site is more clean looking and less demonic! Lol! Another change was my including my twitter feed which you can look through and follow. Any who, another change that will be happening is the shortening of the web address to the site. It has been brought to my attention that my current address is a mouthful and hard to remember. I agreee! So, in the next couple of days I will changing the address to what it is now to simply, jaystonee.wordpress.com. If you follow this blog through wordpress.com than great, there should be no issue. If you have my site saved as link then get ready to change it by Monday around 12pm EST. I will post another reminder on Sunday.


I am working on engaging my audience in a more…vocal way soon!

Microsoft Steps their Game Up!

Well good job Microsoft! Really a job well done!

Microsoft announced a variety of different services and functionalities coming to PC and Xbox One. The press and online viewers were treated with the first in-depth look at Windows 10. Windows 10 incorporates the tile-esque app style of Windows 8 within the beloved desktop screen. Therefore, no more switching between the desktop view and app screen. That was only a minuscule change within the larger and defined look of Windows 10.

Integration was definitely the key focus during the briefing. Windows 10 apps, personal storage, and other functionalities will be accessible through all Windows 10 PC’s, tablets, and phones. They also showed off Cortana! Along with helping  Master Chief she is now a user’s virtual personal assistant. Voice commands are nothing new, but she does learn a lot about the user and she did quite well in understanding the presenters commands.

Most importantly, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer,debuted PC and Xbox One integration. Using the Xbox app on the PC this will allow the owner to play their Xbox One games on their PC and Surface Pro 3 tablet. Also, recording gameplay outside of the Xbox app such as Steam is fairly easy. Just record the portion of gameplay you want to share with the Windows 10 recording function and it will automatically upload to your Xbox One social media feed. The biggest announcement I was excited for the crossplay between PC and Xbox gamers. He demoed with a colleague the upcoming Fable Legends game. The young lady was on the Xbox One and Phil was on the PC. It was easy to join in the game and no visible lag or frame rate drop.

Also, did I forget mentioned Microsoft unveiled their Holographics headset. That’s right, holograms!

Microsoft really stepped their game up! They are definitely making 2015 the year of integration, simplicity, and innovation. Now we wait and see just how well these new services and functionalities perform when released to the public. This year in gaming and technology is starting to heat up! And I like it!

The Preorder Disorder!

Usually around this time of year some of us gamers go through a quandary! Of course, every new year comes with new IPs, remasters, and sequels. Therefore, we think on what new titles we want throughout the year. Inevitably, this leads to us researching about the games quite thoroughly. If we like what we see and hear, then we may invest early into the title by preordering the game. But is it worth it anymore?

2014 will forever be immortalized as the year of broken games and empty promises! I read an interesting Yahoo article that gave me the idea for this blog post. The article is entitled, “2015 is the year that we stop preordering video games once and for all”. You can read it here. The writer argues that if we the consumer did not preorder these games as much as we did, maybe major game companies would have spent more time on the quality of the games they produce. Therefore, preordering should basically be no longer a thing.

Preordering as we all know is an investment. It is an investment not only in the videogame, but an investment into the company and yourself enjoying the game upon release. Investments are also gambles. A company creates a new IP hoping it will be a hit. The company creates some media buzz around the game to hear and see what people think. Of course, money speaks louder than words. If preorder sales are moderate to high the company is reassured that the IP will be a hit. On the other hand, low preorder sales tells the company that they need to change and tweak some things. It is with these investments in games that also gives us hope. Hope in the fact the game won’t suck. Unfortunately, this was not the case last year.

So what to do now? Do we stop preordering in the hopes game developers and publishers thoroughly test and enhance their games. Or should we continue to preorder in hopes the developers and publishers feel the pressure of producing a bug free and playable game? I for one am stuck in the middle. I currently have Batman: Arkham Knight and soon to be Mortal Kombat X on preorder. Both games look fun, gorgeous, and “next-gen” to me.The big question is, “Will they be playable with minimum problems?” I will not know until their release. Unfortunately, videogames today have me…living on a prayer! Sorry I just really love that song!  Anywho, 2015 is the year to see what the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and new pc hardware can do with these games and vice versa. I just want to be able to give an accurate reflection on game without months of updates. Here’s looking at you Master Chief Collection! Hopefully, 2014 will not repeat itself in 2015. So now, we wait and see what will on unfold.

Changes Are Coming!

Finally, 2015 has arrived! Christmas was fun and New Year’s was a blast! Now that the holidays are behind us, I am ready to announce some new ventures I plan to embark in 2015. This blog has been more successful than I ever imagined and for that I am grateful. As I continue my journey to become more integrated into the videogame community as either a videogame researcher, journalist, consultant, etc. I will be bringing more content about videogames in the forms of podcasting and live streaming! A friend and I have been discussing this for sometime and soon enough it will come to fruition. She loves videogames just as much as I do and is a big fan of comic books. She has also been PC gaming much longer than I have, so she would have greater insight on more independent games than myself. Hopefully, in the coming months we will be podcasting via Youtube and Soundcloud. I will detail more information as soon as we have a handle on things.

Twitch is a very popular format to display one’s skills in a game as well as engaging with the gaming community. Another friend of mine who goes by the gamertag “TheDovanAmerican” has started his twitch streaming channel. He also uploads all of his videos to Youtube. You can check him about by clicking here. I am sure you will like his commentary! He speaks upon random topics and watching him become either a fragmaster or an epic failure is always a joy to watch! I will start to do guest appearances with him.

I plan to change the look of the site. I feel as though the color palette and the style does not match well with my personality. Thanks to the bevy of themes provided by WordPress I will be picking a new theme. The new theme will be just as simple, but I will feel more comfortable with it.

Lastly, this summer I start to do my first bit of original videogame research. With the help of sociology Assistant  Professor Dr. Rashawn Ray, I will be taking a close look at gender portrayals in videogame trailers. The gamergate debacle raised issues about ethics in gaming journalism as well as women in gaming. Therefore, this research will be quite relevant on the issues of gender.

This year is going to jammed pack for me, but in a good way! I invite all of you to join me!  As stated in a previous blog, I have set a goal of gaining 1,500 collective views. And so far so good! Thanks again for your continued support and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas on how to make this blog better just leave a comment, send a tweet @JavononthePrgm, or email me! Let the 2015 year of gaming commence!