My Hopes for 2015!

2014 I would say was the introductory year of the next-generation gaming. Games such as Titanfall, WatchDogs, and Shadow of Mordor carried the burden of proving to the world what “next-generation’ gaming is all about. This year in gaming I learned many things. I learned that games on the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U looked absolutely amazing. I also learned that these new games are trying to go into different directions with their multiplayer and narratives. Prime example, the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor  is just awesome. The decisions that you make and do not make are all taken into account. Killing a goblin could make another goblin king kill you for the sole purpose of revenge. If you do not kill a goblin, then he may be promoted to a general. Lastly and most importantly, the number 1 lesson I learned from 2014’s year in gaming is…DO NOT RELEASE A GAME UNTIL IT IS READY!!! Master Chief Collection and Assassin’s Creed: Unity are the main two that come to mind, but they are plenty more. It is already annoying having a game that comes with bugs before any one day patches. It is even more of problem where the game is so buggy it is borderline unplayable. I honestly, would rather have had a game to be pushed back some months instead of owning a game that needs several patches. The gaming community wants fun and interesting games to play that are playable upon launch. Since the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3, we expect games to have bugs here and there. We do not expect a game to have a patch so big that it’s basically downloading another game.

Ultimately, I just want to play fun and interesting games that are appealing to me. I prefer these games to come with no bugs at all, but I can accept a couple of minor issues. 2015 is looking to be the year where “next-gen” gaming really shows us the future of gaming. 2014 was crazy! Here’s looking at 2015 for more crazy, fun, explosive, and engaging videogames!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


3 thoughts on “My Hopes for 2015!

  1. 2014 definitely had its highs and lows. For me the highs were the Stick of Truth, the new Wolfenstein, and Shadow of Mordor. And there are plenty of great looking games coming for 2015. I think Microsoft won the exclusives, but Sony is expected to have a few of their own. 2015 should truly be an exciting year to be a gamer.

    • I agree! Gaming in 2014 definitely not was what I or most people had in mind. Despite the negatives the games you nentioned were some of the highlights. I still plan to pick up Shadow of Mordor as well as the Master Chief Collection. 2015 hopefully will be just as interesting as 2014, but for all the right reasons!

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