Videogame Assurance!

It has become more apparent to me that videogames need validation. What do I mean exactly? For example, whenever I play some kind of mobile or tablet game I usually get a pop-up notification asking me to rate my experience. Sometimes I will give a rating, but most of the time I do not. I skip these notifications because I find them annoying and some ratings take me out of the application and send to the Google Play store to leave a comment. This irritates me so I skip them. These types of rating features are embedded in a lot of games, but I myself just realized this very recently. I have been playing Assassin Creed: Unity on Xbox One for some time now and even though bugs are still being fixed I still find the game enjoyable. As I was playing, I had completed another sequence or mission in the campaign. I noticed there was an option to “Rate My Experience”. I have never noticed this kind of feature before in other games. More than likely, this is nothing new, but I can say this is something I am now paying attention to.

My roommate was in disbelief to see this feature – He too had never seen it. Then again my roommate and I have not played many Assassins Creed games, so this feature is most likely nothing new. He was still shocked because he realized that some of the games that are coming out have some type of rating feature!

This is not bad, but it does speak to the ways game developers are trying to get real-time feedback on their games. I see this as a benefit for any developer because the more feedback they get, the faster they become more aware of any glitches and bugs. Videogames in this case are just like people…they too need validation.


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