My Hopes for 2015!

2014 I would say was the introductory year of the next-generation gaming. Games such as Titanfall, WatchDogs, and Shadow of Mordor carried the burden of proving to the world what “next-generation’ gaming is all about. This year in gaming I learned many things. I learned that games on the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U looked absolutely amazing. I also learned that these new games are trying to go into different directions with their multiplayer and narratives. Prime example, the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor  is just awesome. The decisions that you make and do not make are all taken into account. Killing a goblin could make another goblin king kill you for the sole purpose of revenge. If you do not kill a goblin, then he may be promoted to a general. Lastly and most importantly, the number 1 lesson I learned from 2014’s year in gaming is…DO NOT RELEASE A GAME UNTIL IT IS READY!!! Master Chief Collection and Assassin’s Creed: Unity are the main two that come to mind, but they are plenty more. It is already annoying having a game that comes with bugs before any one day patches. It is even more of problem where the game is so buggy it is borderline unplayable. I honestly, would rather have had a game to be pushed back some months instead of owning a game that needs several patches. The gaming community wants fun and interesting games to play that are playable upon launch. Since the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3, we expect games to have bugs here and there. We do not expect a game to have a patch so big that it’s basically downloading another game.

Ultimately, I just want to play fun and interesting games that are appealing to me. I prefer these games to come with no bugs at all, but I can accept a couple of minor issues. 2015 is looking to be the year where “next-gen” gaming really shows us the future of gaming. 2014 was crazy! Here’s looking at 2015 for more crazy, fun, explosive, and engaging videogames!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


500 VIEWS!!! Mission Accomplished!!!

When I started this blogsite mid-June of this year I honestly had no idea what to expect? This could have been a crash and burn situation or a huge success. Thankfully, the world of blogging has been kind to me. It has been kind enough for me to reach over 500 collective views to this blog. I honestly did not see my blog passing the first 100 views, gladly I was wrong.

Of course, there are thank yous that need to be given! I would like to thank my eccentric and brilliant roommates. They have given me topics to blog about many times. That includes my most recent blog post, “Videogame Assurance”. My roommates are prime examples of what a respectable and smart gamer should be. They have their wild sides (someone more than others), but they enjoy playing and discussing aspects of videogame culture just as much as I do. I would like to thank my mentor for believing in me. It is difficult convincing people that I want to study videogames as a career, especially when other professors and directors see videogames as a waste of time. Professor Rashawn Ray has been a tremendous help in getting my blog out there. I even got a job do to him mentioning my blog to a colleague of his. So, again thanks Professor Ray. A special thanks for my beta, Ana. My blog posts sound a lot more concise because of her edits. She has endured editing many blog posts that have been typed late at night with improper grammar, misspelled words, and incoherent sentences. I will do my best next year to type up posts earlier in the day when my mind is still active. Ana thank you!

Ultimately, a big thank you to everyone who has viewed my site and read my posts. This sounds cheesy, but every view that I see brings a smile to my face. I love talking, researching, laughing, playing, etc. about videogames. I am so glad that they are members of the gaming community who enjoy reading my posts.Now that my goal of reaching 500 views before the end of the year has been reached, what is next? This is a big goal, but I want to be at 1,500 views by the end of 2015. I will keep posting if you keep reading and liking my posts. Again, Thank You to everyone who has encouraged me to keep blogging. I greatly appreciate it. Now it’s time for ice cream! Mmmmmm strawberry!!!

Videogame Assurance!

It has become more apparent to me that videogames need validation. What do I mean exactly? For example, whenever I play some kind of mobile or tablet game I usually get a pop-up notification asking me to rate my experience. Sometimes I will give a rating, but most of the time I do not. I skip these notifications because I find them annoying and some ratings take me out of the application and send to the Google Play store to leave a comment. This irritates me so I skip them. These types of rating features are embedded in a lot of games, but I myself just realized this very recently. I have been playing Assassin Creed: Unity on Xbox One for some time now and even though bugs are still being fixed I still find the game enjoyable. As I was playing, I had completed another sequence or mission in the campaign. I noticed there was an option to “Rate My Experience”. I have never noticed this kind of feature before in other games. More than likely, this is nothing new, but I can say this is something I am now paying attention to.

My roommate was in disbelief to see this feature – He too had never seen it. Then again my roommate and I have not played many Assassins Creed games, so this feature is most likely nothing new. He was still shocked because he realized that some of the games that are coming out have some type of rating feature!

This is not bad, but it does speak to the ways game developers are trying to get real-time feedback on their games. I see this as a benefit for any developer because the more feedback they get, the faster they become more aware of any glitches and bugs. Videogames in this case are just like people…they too need validation.

A Slight Change in Direction!

Let me first say that I hope everyone had a joyous and delicious Turkey Day. If you do not celebrate it, I still hope that you enjoyed some time off.

I had a wonderful time eating lots of food, laughing with my family, and also shopping. Yes I was a part of the large procession of people sprinting from store to store. I joined a group of friends and headed out to the mall around 11:30pm that Thursday. We traversed the mall until 3:30am, then stayed in Walmart until 4:30am. We crashed at one of my roommate’s friend’s place who lives pretty close to the mall. Out of the 8 person group, four of us decided to go back out at 6am because most stores would reopen at that time. Once 6am rolled around we decided to get at least some sleep, and that we would go to Best Buy at 8am. My goal during Black Thursday/Friday was to get my brother an Ipod 5 (16gb), but sadly there was none to be found. My very patient brother agreed to wait for me to get it online. Thanks to him I was able to redirect the spending money I had to go towards my new console.

I did state in an earlier blog post that I was planning to get a PS4 as my next generation console. Due to financial constraints, interesting bundles, and sheer impatience, I bought an Xbox One. I did not only get an Xbox One for these reasons. I honestly wanted one around the time Microsoft revealed it. I believe it is a very fast and interesting console to own, but this depends on if you want the “all in one” appeal to it. I am an avid Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube watcher. Of course, all of this you can still do on any other system, but I am also into social media. I do find the social media feed quite appealing. However, the user interface takes a while to get used to and needs some fixing here and there.

Currently, I have two games:Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Assassins: Unity. AC:BF looks amazing on the Xbox One. There is a clear difference in graphics between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. AC:Unity I am not for yet because I have not installed it. I am waiting for the 300 plus software patch from Ubisoft before I jump into the game.

So, yes – I am a proud owner of an Xbox One. I do know that the Xbox One is lacking behind some things that the PS4 can currently do, but just like a fine wine it gets better with age. The Xbox 360 did not immediately come out the gate with hard hitting titles. For example, the 360 came out in November 2005. Halo 3 did not come out until November of 2007. So the games, the user interface updates, the peripherals will get better over the next year. 2014 was the year of seeing what the consoles can do out of the box. 2015 is the year where we will see just how far these consoles can take us into the next generation of gaming.