Black Friday! An Early Christmas for Gamers!

Oh Black Friday! Black Friday is the grandiose day of American consumer culture. All over the country, malls will be surrounded by a large mass of people. Uncles, Aunts, Mother, Fathers, small children, and big children will all leave the turkey and ham on the table and hit up the malls. Some may bring said items with them to pass the time in lines. I never celebrated Black Friday in the “traditional” sense of waiting in incredibly long lines and hopping from one store to the next. However, this year may be different for me because I plan on going out on Black Friday to hopefully get an Xbox One.

Now I did state in a previous blog post that I had planned to get a PS4 to bring me into the next generation of gaming. I still would prefer to buy the PS4, but the Xbox One deals for Black Thursday and Friday are just too good to pass up on.. Most of the major retailers (Walmart, BestBuy, Target) have bundles that come with the Xbox One. The one that I am eyeing is Walmart’s 1-hour guarantee on an Xbox One w/o kinect and Master Chief Collection bundle for $330. There are other bundles that include an Assassin’s Creed and Black Flag bundle as well as an Xbox One with another controller and $60 live card. These are some very attractive deals. But no fear, I still plan on going getting a PS4 eventually! I may just wait until December for the Christmas deals. At the end of the day I just want a new console since my Xbox 360 is getting older and thus, malfunctioning. Nothing incredibly serious, but the disc tray does not open when I want it to majority of the time.

Whatever I get, I will be pretty happy. New console means new games. New games means new gaming experiences. New experiences means a whole new way to understand and appreciate the realm of videogames.


You Had A Nice Run!

School has been very demanding lately, which explains the lack of blog posts. And for that I apologize. Anywho, as I was calming my mind down after a boring school day I came across some sad news. Discovery Channel’s Revision3 Games Channel is no more. Co-hosts, Tara Long and Nick Robinson, both posted up goodbye videos on the Rev3 Games Youtube Channel on November 6, 2014. Both said their heartfelt goodbyes and optimistic perspectives on their futures. This is upsetting, but honestly I had a feeling this was coming. This is not to  say that I disliked Tara and Nick. I thought they were both pretty level headed, spunky, entertaining to watch, as well as being great reviewers. I saw this coming because I started to notice that the viewer count for every video dropped drastically after the departure of Adam Sessler.

Now if you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years, then I will explain who Adam is. Adam Sessler is a prolific videogame advocate, reviewer, researcher, former co-host of G4TV’s X-Play. Adam joined Rev3Gamess in November of 2012 and left in April of 2014. Adam Sessler brought not only his stark expertise, but a mass following of internet traffic. Rev3Games was on the metaphorical map. Once Adam left I had a feeling that there would be a small dip in viewership. Unfortunately, that dip began to increase more and more over the next few months. Don’t get me wrong, they still had a nice viewer count on all of their videos, but not as much when Adam was there. Tara and Nick tried to do more with the channel, but it’s very difficult for only two people to manage a video game channel. I kept watching Rev3Games hoping that there would be that one idea, or segment in their programming that would bring them back to the top, but sadly that never happened. It’s tough out there!

Just like other forms of entertainment, videogames are very wishy washy. If the masses of internet surfers do not like your opinions or you’re just not entertaining, you will definitely see your channel become barren. This ultimately sucks and is kind of disheartening for those of you who are trying to become some form of videogame journalist.

Don’t fret. Tara and Nick are on to doing bigger and better things in future. Both are very entertaining and level headed, which is quite refreshing. Nick has his own YouTube channel that he is in charge of and Tara will soon be at another videogame centric organization. I wish them and their entire crew of Revision3 Games all the best. You had a nice run you guys! Now on to something new!