VGHS is Awesome! Here’s Why!

Let’s start with what is VGHS? VGHS stands for Video Game High School, which is a web series created by famed YouTuber Freddie Wong and his colleagues Matthew Arnold, Will Campos, and Brian Firenzi. VGHS is a action comedy web series that takes place in a…high school. Main protagonist Brian D. is a chipper and eclectic FPS shooter and you follow his life at VGHS. Of course, there are other main characters; the charming intellect, Ki Swan, badass with a sniper, Jenny Matrix, and the outlandish and cunning, The Law (seriously that’s his name). This web series is funny, cheesy, heartfelt, explosive, and all around awesome. Usually, shows based around videogames do no pan out so well (here’s looking at you G4TV. VGHS has captured the attention of those who love interesting shows on youtube and gamers alike.

VGHS brings two worlds of media together tv and videogames.  Granted, VGHS is not on television, but it is created to be watched as a short mini series. Videogames can be studied, analyzed, and cherished as a collectible, but VGHS is different. VGHS embraces the different kinds of games together to make for interesting story lines and set pieces. Also, the show does not take itself to seriously to feel like you are watching some boring action movie. Most importantly, this show incorporates interesting characters who you start to really care for. These characters help show a different side to the videogame community, a side where gamers can be just as hard working and studious as any non-gamer. Stereotypes such as all gamers are lazy, or there are little to no female gamers. Those stereotypes amongst others are virtually (pun-intended) no existent. All this is not to say, VGHS is greatest thing that happened in the videogame community, but damn near close.

Sesason 3, sadly the last season, of VGHS released there first video today. You can either download the full season on itunes and/or wait for weekly episodes. VGHS is brilliant displayed of how web based television and videogames can come together to make something amazingly. It’s about embracing the culture around games and stop trying to alienate as something completely new to explore.

P.S. Click on VGHS to see the first episode of season 3 and to watch the previous seasons.


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