Being A Productive Human Being while Gaming

Just as if your’re playing a game,in real life you have to pick your battles. You have to figure out when it will be the perfect time to strike, either literally or figuratively. I bring this up because so far I have been stuck. I am stuck in figuring out a time schedule to play any of my games. Destiny is my focus and probably will be my sole focus for the rest of the year. Destiny is a very good game and my suite mates believe so as well.

I agreed to allow my suite mates to play Destiny if I am out of the room. I had no idea that they would utterly surpass me so quickly. Currently, I am a level 7 Warlock. My roommate is a level 14 Hunter and my suitemate is a level 14 Titan. I am happy for them, but quite sad because my progression seems stagnant compared to theirs. Granted, I am in college, I work, and I do Chinese martial arts, and so I am pretty busy. However, I do feel as though I am neglecting my inner gamer. This is when prioritizing comes into play. I prioritize my responsibilities first, then I fit in time for gaming. Gaming usually falls on the weekends for me and only for a couple of hours.

I guess I’m posing a question instead of a statement this time around: How does one find the time to be productive in the environment in which they inhabit and still be a hardcore gamer? To some this is pretty simple, which is to leave some tasks to sit and linger while you play. Others, just like myself, need to schedule the times we game- if that’s even possible. So, again, how do you manage being a productive person in area in which you reside in and also make sure you are still competitive with the rest in terms of gaming. Quick side note-I told my suite mates they cannot explore Venus until I get there first so- ha…ha ha…teehee!



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