Videogames Are No Longer Separated!

As we all know, videogames are just another form of entertainment under the grand umbrella called the “media”. The media is comprised of television, music, newspapers, online videos, and more. Videogames, however, seem to have been  quite separated from the rest of these forms of media until recently. The way that information is being given has also changed: online articles are being turned into online videos, thus giving the reader the choice of either watching a game review or to reading it. Our fads are more noticeable in movies with the subtle advertising of products and popular songs being featured in scenes here and there. That is not to say that popular songs are not incorporated into videogames, but usually they are either instrumental versions of popular songs and/or completely exclusive scores that were created for that particular game.

If you are abreast on the competitive gaming scene you would know that the League of Legends World Championship is currently going on. To celebrate the momentous occasion the popular music group, Imagine Dragons, collaborated with Riot Games and created a quite badass trailer for the LOL Championship. I was struck by this video, in particular, because it made me reflect a little on how videogames are becoming more mainstream than a subculture. The harmonization of popular music, videogames, and video mediums is quite amazing. Of course, this is not the only time a popular music group got involved with videos, but this is a testament as to how videogaming is now becoming entangled with other forms of media and not remaining as a separate entity. It is only a matter of time before videogames find their place in every educational institution, and will be used to teach kids about how videogames can be reflections of the human experience. Quite a dream is it not?!

P.S. here is the LOL Championship Music Video. Its pretty badass!


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