Gamer Conversations!

First week of school completed! I just wanted to throw that in there. Anywho, with school back in session and the coursework rearing its ugly head my mind is pretty much everywhere right now. I am glad that I have solace and a little bit of peace in my five person suite on campus. My roommates are pretty cool (Praise The NORDS!) Interestingly enough, they are all gamers. Each of us has our main systems for which we game (PC, Xbox 360, and even the Wii U). So, when you get a bunch of gamers living in the same space you will encounter lots of interesting conversations as it relates to videogames. Through an interesting chain of topics we started discussing the very definition of the word “gamer”. The definition of what a gamer is has definitely sparked some controversy.

My suite mates and I were all in my room having an open discussion trying to define the word “gamer” aswell as who is allowed to identify themselves as a gamer? Identifying who can consider themselves a gamer was the root of the debate. One of my suite mates stated, “If you only play Call of Duty then, you are just a C.O.D. player.” As well as, “if you just play tablet games, such as Angry Birds all the time, then you are not a gamer. You are just a casual player.” So, the first definition of being a gamer is that you have to be a multifaceted player. You necessarily do not have to play every game that out there, but at least play different genre of games. We also discussed how important gaming is too you to considered yourself a gamer? Through some heavy discussion I came to the conclusion that being a gamer is not necessarily the how many genres of games you play and on what platform you consume games. Being a gamer is a lifestyle choice. This implies reading gaming articles, updating yourself on the newest games, being aware what the BIG 3 (Ninteno, Sony, Microsoft) are up to. Just in general being an active and involved member of videogame culture.

Once, I got that point across we basically agreed with that definition. Being a gamer is a lifestyle in which one who involves them wholeheartedly into the many aspects of videogame culture. Yup school is definitely back in session!



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