Gaming Shorter and Learning Longer!

I know, I know. Summer is over! No more long nights staying up until 8am, no more sleeping all day and doing nothing once you wake up. It sucks, but that’s the way of the world. School is back in session and next week it will for me and my colleagues. The realization that another academic chapter on my life is about to ensue makes me think about how my gaming sessions will be effected. Usually, the first 2 or 3 weeks of school I can play my 360 everyday for at least 4 hours. Once, the homework starts piling on and I start going to my weekly meetings, my gaming sessions get pushed to the weekends. I am a lot more involved now at my institution including working at my current on-campus job. Time management has always been my best friend and is the key to success (that was random, but it needed to be said). All college students have different ways of being an actual student. Some study a lot, most study to little, some go to bed at 11pm, most stay up to 3am. It all depends on what kind of student you want to be. For the purposes of this blog it will be about what kind of gamer I want to be while in school. So, here are a couple of ways I plan to be a productive student as well as keeping my edge as a gamer.

1) Gaming is reward that needs to be earned. I constantly feel guilty if I have an assignment due soon and I am chilling playing a videogame. By using my videogame as its on achievement or trophy that needs to be unlocked, I should be able to keep my work up as well as my gamer stats. 

2) 3-1 rule. For every 3 hours of studying I am going to do an hour of gaming. Gaming relaxes my brain all depending on what I am playing (FPS’s after studying will get you frustrated…campers ruin everything.) I will play Batman: Arkham City or Destiny.

3) Study hard to game even harder! My long gaming sessions usually start are Friday and Saturday nights. If I can end each school week feeling like I studied hard, did most of my work, and overall just feel like I accomplish something then, Game On!

This is my expectation, hopefully this becomes my reality…if not I’m screwed!  


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