Pokemon and Bridging the Age Gap!

I have seen it many times before, but it hit me even harder this time. What I’m referring you might ask? Well let’s set the scene. On August 15, 2014 a colleague and I had the pleasure to attend the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions event. Held at the Warner theatre in D.C., my colleague and I were indulging in classic and modern “Pokemon” scores expanding most of the videogames from the franchise. The whole theatre was packed full of fans ranging from the very young to the elderly, from Nintendo fanboys and gals to Xbox and Playstation lovers. The audience were treated to a visual display of scenes from some the games as the orchestra plays with the visual. Now that I have set the scene here is my main intention of this post. As my friend and I walked to our seats we were temporarily blocked by a father and his two kids. The father was haphazardly watching his kids, taping away at his phones, and trying to move out the way so, we can get to our seats. We sat down at our seats and awaited the start of the performance. In the meantime, my friend pull out his Nintendo 3DS and started to play Pokemon: Black Version. For the most part, many people had a Nintendo handle device of some kind mainly, some variation of the 3DS model. As my friend is playing the little boy next to him also, start playing his game. Instantly, the little boy started to converse with my friend about what kind of pokemon has?, what level is most of his pokemon on?, what his favorite?, etc. My friend was engaged in 10 or so minute conversation. I was flabbergasted at the same time, pretty happy. I saw it as amazing triumph for Pokemon, but ultimately for games in general. Here is my 20 year friend and this give-or-take 7 year old boy bridging the age gap. I saw the father elated at the sight of seeing his son engage in conversation with an older person. The word that comes to mind is awestruck for I have seen this happen before, but no where near the time length of the conversation and there was no prior engagements between the boy and my friend. This was a completely spontaneous act. There was no hesitation, no judgments based race, ethnicity, background, culture. It was just people engaging in a very spontaneous dialogue about a videogame. This is one of the many reasons why I advocate for videogames. As I say to distinguish professors, researchers, and directors that videogames bring people together. It comes down to do have a good grasp of thorough knowledge about the game to engage in meaningful and insightful conversations about the game. I love games with a passion and this proves yet again I am not ashamed to call myself a gamer.


My friend and I got our posters signed by the conductor, the producers, a singer, and Pokemon creator himself, Junichi Masuda. Too awesome!



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