Videogames Have A Place in Higher Education!

Two of my goals are to teach a course about videogames. More specifically, how humans interact and influence virtual worlds and how these virtual worlds interact and influence us as humans. If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am studying Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. Thus, brings me to my other goal of being a socio-videogameologist (Made it up myself)! These are the goals I have set for myself and taking the necessary steps to accomplish both these goals. I take pride in having a good grasp of what it means to be a gamer and how I fit within the culture. As I meet new people such as directors and professors, I usually take them by surprise when I tell them my career goals. I get the occasional head nod with a face of confusion and intrigue. Some blatantly ask me, “Why videogames?” Of course, when talking with an esteemed professor and/or professional they feel inclined to ask to me, “Can you get a job in that?” or candidly say, “How can you turn that interest to be more academic?” There are plenty of jobs that people can get that to work with videogames for example, a videogame developer, analyst, researcher, author, journalist, talk show host, engineer, animator, CEO, director, etc. The list goes on just look at the end credits for some of the biggest blockbuster games!

As for the second question, “How can you turn that interest to be more academic?” Well, let’s see! There are plenty of institutions that offer bachelor degrees in videogame design such as Full Sail University and WestWood colleges. On a more prestigious scale, New York University(NYU) recently announced that they will be offering a bachelors of fine arts degree in videogame design. This is exciting news because NYU is a very well-known and prestigious institution so, for an institution of their magnitude to offer a degree in something some professors scoff at is truly wonderful. In an age where kids are being born with an Android phone to their left and IPad to there right, it is hard to say that videogames have no place in higher education. Videogames come in many formats in order to have as many people in world to be able to play them. I would enjoy using my passion for videogames to teach and show people the arts of videogames. Videogames go beyond a hobby or interest for me. It’s a life style choice! 


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