Virtual Spaces Changes my Real Persona!

I feel angry. I feel upset. I feel jovial. I feel rambunctious. I feel tired. These are only few of the many adjectives that help describe how I feel when I am gaming. Most importantly, playing in a virtual space has taught me a lot about how I deal with certain challenges and complex obstacles. Mostly, I am very calm and happy-go-lucky person (I try to be), but I also get very frustrated. Daunting challenges that seem to manifest into a much more complicated issue really get to me. In my reality, when I do assignment it is meant to be turned in for a grade. You get one shot and one shot only. No restarts, no do-overs, or last saved games. So, when I am doing an assignment I feel this immense amount of pressure to do the assignment correctly, but pretty much aiming to get a perfect score. In a virtual reality things are completely different. I learned that in a videogame I feel way more relaxed even when I am traversing an environment that is unfamiliar to me. I feel much more confident when I feel that have all the tools necessary to accomplish a goal. I also, noticed that when I get frustrated I don’t curl up in the fetal position because I know I can come back to that task later on. Of course, there is a cornucopia of other feelings and slight nuances that I noticed about myself when I am “in game”. Everyone should take a step back and reflect on of their virtual realities can ultimately, explain or change one’s reality! Just pause and reflect!


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