Save Manually or Pay the Consequences!

NO…NO…NOOOOOOOO!!! This is the word that I shouted to the white ceiling in my room when I forgot to save during a crucial boss battle in Ninja Gaiden II. This happened some time ago, but the frustration is still with me. Granted, in Ninja Gaiden II, order to save your game you must go to a dragon totem in the game to save where you are. They are spread out just enough that you really have to spend some time in the game before you reach the next totem. They are slightly hidden at times, but I was able to always find them. Except in this one case where I forgot too and I was already at one of the boss battles. In my frustration fighting against the boss after about 45 minutes, I just gave up. I turned off my Xbox and walked into the distance(I actually went into kitchen and got me some water and snack.) Anyways, about 30 minutes of trying to regain my confidence I got back on my Xbox. As the screen was loading, I am eagerly waiting to implement my brand new strategies that I…ummm…graciously borrowed from Youtube! The screens loads, I pick my saved storage, I pick my profile and to my surprise I realized I did not save. The last save was about 20 minutes prior to the boss battle. I was completely upset so much so, I shed a couple of tears. The forgotten saved data was not really the source of my pain, but remembering all of the hard work and many deaths I went through to get to the boss. Remember gamers to save and save often! We now live in times of the automatic save! This helps, but sometimes automatic saves can be unreliable as well. Please save your games manually, otherwise you will face the same heartache and grief that I went through many saves ago!


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