Games are Difficult! So Why Do We Keep Playing?

I am going to cut straight to the chase with this and say, GAMES ARE DIFFICULT! Well…games can be difficult. The hardest game I have ever played involves the faced-paced, bloodied-action, and oh so deadly ninja, Ryu Hayabusa! Specifically, I played as Ryu in the frustratingly tough Ninja Gaiden II. Now some of you may believe Ninja Gaiden as a franchise is difficult, but you were able to get through the games with some ease. That’s fantastic…for you! In my case, playing this game was exhilarating, fun, tiresome, and really stressed me out…a lot! Do not get me wrong, everyone should play at least one game from the Ninja Gaiden franchise, if and only if you are some kind of Zen master or at least a low level monk. FYI, play the older games not the newer one’s, Team Ninja really f’d up the franchise once NInja Gaiden III came out. I played Ninja Gaiden II as if my soul being and purpose in life was just to defeat each boss battle and level. I have owned Ninja Gaiden II for about 4 years and still have not defeated the final boss! So, far that is the only game that I am afraid to play, solely because I know I will lose multiple times before I even get to the part proceeds the final boss battle. Yes this is me being afraid to play a GAME! 

Difficulty in games is something of a must in vidoegames. No challenge or occasional struggle then, the game because uninteresting. Most games have the standard difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, hard, Difficult) or some variation of that. Us gamers fail more times, then we actually succeed. We keep going back because believe it or not, we enjoy to fail. Failing anything sucks, but in a virtual sense, failing is alright because games allow for you to try again. Therefore, you learn from your mistakes and try the level again. Some games are just notoriously hard fresh out the box such as Dark Souls 2. Difficult games can be conquered, it just takes some ingenuity, will, and some luck to get through our gaming struggles. Hopefully, I will build up the courage to pop in that disc of disdain and fear and getting trying until my fingers fall off…or until I quit again. Which ever comes first!


2 thoughts on “Games are Difficult! So Why Do We Keep Playing?

  1. I’m not sure if I would completely agree on this.
    Yes, difficulty is an important part of the package, but it also depends on the type of game. Take the PlayStation exclusive “Journey” as an example; what made that game so beautiful was the fact that it was all about exploration and admiring the sights before you, not the difficulty. Videogames can be used to deliver strong emotional experiences without having any difficulty whatsoever. However, at the same time, difficult videogames can also deliver their own set of emotional responses. The sense of satisfaction and pride one can experience from conquering a hard boss or level is extremely gratifying.

    • I will just say difficulty in games have varying to degrees , from non-existent to my mind is going exploded because its so hard. I concur that games such “Journey” may not have a certain difficulty to them, but it still gives you that feeling that you may not know what lies ahead of you.

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