Gamers and Sociability!

“You don’t know how to talk to people!”, “Go outside or something!?”, “Can you talk about anything else besides games?” Do any of these judgmental phrases ring any bells? Why do these people judge gamers in such a manner? Let me give a little insight into why people response in such a way. People are naturally judgmental especially, when people are faced with obstacles or situations they do not immediately understand. I do it myself, but I’m open minded enough to try and embrace it(with in reason). Gamers are a cohort of people that are still seen as being antisocial and/or outkast(I love this group). Now this ideology varies place to place, culture to culture. In recent years, the perception of gamers went from geeks with no sheek to geeks with still no sheek, but have awesome gamer-related graphics t’s.

Most of the time when someone writes or in this case blogs about gamers lack of human interaction, it is mainly a one-sided conversation. That side is always asking, “how are gamers lack of face to face interaction affecting them”, but the person writing the article is more than likely not a gamer. So, how do gamers feel about this misconception? The answer is we either truly do not see it as a problem or we have came to that realization, but have no idea how to break out of it. Some gamers believe that MMO’s connect them with other people, just in a virtual space. The gamers who do recognize this issue or lack of social skills are, sorry to say, “socially awkaward” to the point that games are a safer and less judgmental place than trying to interact with actual people. Not that all gamers try to avoid people, it is just life has shown them that people are wildly sporadic, erratic and have several ways to communications that varies depend on factors such as age, culture, political affiliation, etc. Gamers can be interactive and sociable, we just need at help. Judging does not help! AT ALL! In order to come to together as people we must take the time to get out of our own way and try to understand. If we just listen to others, we might just learn something!


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