Gamers can get Annoying!

Gamers! We all know that some of the members of this passionate community can get tad bit…ummm…what’s the word…oh yeah…annoying, rude, loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, anxious, depressing, and overall just vulgar! Now this of course is not reflective of the entire community. It is rare to say that you do not know someone or have encountered a gamer online or in person who embodies those particular adjectives. I can admit that I have friends who have bad temper tantrums when a game of League does not go well. Now we all drop the occasional “F-bomb” and as well as referencing other “cheating” gamers as S.O.B.’s. A few people in my cohort need anger management to the out-most degree! I use to ask why do you “geek” out so hard? In reply, I would get either, “I just do that sometimes”, “No, that guy was f#@king cheating!”, and the nonchalant, “I don’t know!”. My fellow gamers of all ages, backgrounds, genders, worlds, galaxies, and multiverses please just try a take a breather every once in a while in game. Games can be frustrating trust I’ve played Ninja Gaiden(that game is f#@king difficult!) Step away from the screen, walk away from the mouse, trackpad, controller, Kinect, etc. and take a break. At the end of the day, you can’t play successfully, if you’re in the hospital because you have a brain aneurysm!  

3 thoughts on “Gamers can get Annoying!

  1. As someone who has been on both sides (the annoying and the annoyed) I found this post awesome. If people took a second to breathe, they would see how silly it is to get worked up over a video game. On the other hand though, I’ve been guilty of getting worked up and yelling at my friends/brother when playing games…so I guess I could take my own advice 😛

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