My Wallet survived! Did yours!?

STEAM Summer Sale has finally ended! After a week and half of awesome cheaply prices games, bundles, and software I can come out of my dimly lit room and red eyes with my head held high! This was my first Summer Steam sale and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will checking Steam consistently every hour or so. I had to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any killer deals. I thought that Steam was going to leave me literally and figuratively, penniless, but it did not. I spent very little money on several awesome games. I first, bought The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings and Mirror’s Edge and together paid $13.98. The next day I bought Batman Arkham Origins for $7.49. Next, on my list was Borderlands GOTY (game of the year) and Borderlands 2 bundle for $9.99! Just yesterday for my last bit of shopping I got The Witcher for $1.99 and The Impossible Game for $2.99. Thus, my grand total for the 2014 Steam Summer Sale was $36.44.

Buying the games was fun, but trying to play them really tested my almost 3 year old laptop. I had to put majority of the games I bought in compatibility mode and currently, looking for a laptop cooling station. This new found issue has gotten more into building my own PC. I still plan to get a PS4, but a building my own tower is looking alot more appealing at this moment. Who knows, I may end up building my own PC first, then buying a PS4. Either way, these games are testing my computer to max and eventually, my laptop will cease to function. Even though, I have a daunting issue to needs to rectify, I can still say that I had one hell of time during the sale. The sales were awesome, but the increase flow of conversation amongst my friends and other gamers was priceless!


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