My Eating habits while Gaming

Gaming and food! What a wonderful and utterly dreadful combination. Do not get me wrong I love playing games and I love eating food. I also love eating food while gaming. The problem is watching what I am eating and how much of it as I am gaming. Personally, I grab whatever snack, drink, or confectionery treat that lurks in my kitchen and/or backpack. I usually eat treats that do not leave a sticking, greasy, or powdering residue, for it will rub off on my controller. I pride myself on having clean controllers! You will face my wrath if you dare to eat Doritos or a powdered donut while using one of my controllers! Besides that, snacking helps fulfill my dietary needs and helps me stay up later in the night for gaming. You may be wondering if I partake in the consumption of more recognizable brands that have associated themselves with games. Well, my answer is not necessarily.

“Gamer food” usually appears in sponsored tournaments consist of Monster Energy drink, Mountain Dew, and Doritos. Of course, this only a few of the hundreds of other food products aimed towards gamers. I do not knock down these items, but one must be able to recognized this s@*t will kill you! Of course, I am exaggerating( a little), but seriously eating foods such as these gives you an absurd amount of energy due to a vast of sugar and other ingredients inside these products. Again, I am not tearing to bash your favorite foods, but you must be realsitic and aware of the health risk associated with conusming these kinds of high caloric, fat, and sugar induce foods. I myself still love to eat to pop pieces of candy in mouth and drink soda as I game. I have been doing it for years. It is has only been recently in the past year or two that noticed I was crashing real hard after long gaming sessions. Gaming is fun and eating fun, but passing out for 10 hours after a long game session hyped on Skittles and Mountain Dew is not. Just a sign of causation to my fellow gamers.


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