The Grouping Effect

Playing games by yourself allows one to solely focus on your character(s) alone without interference from others. Sure, there are some games where decisions could be influenced by others, but you still only have one foucs: yourself! So, what is it that that brings gamers together to form groups, competitions, and giant tournaments? Since, I was small I have been playing videogames with my little brother and cousins for years. Our favorite game as children was oo7: Agent Under Fire for Gamecube. We would have so much trying to find each other, hide from each other, and have the bot metaphorically be a dog chasing several mailmen. Oh those were fun times. I tired playing 007 by myself, but it was not the same, something was missing. Reflecting now, I can see that individually playing a game can be fun and interesting if the game is actually better that way. Some games that have mutliplayer are just not fun to play even though, the campaign is awesome i.e., Tomb Raider(2013). 

Groups allow us to learn from each other in more interesting, intuitive, and creative ways. Games such as the Borderlands franchise is good to play in single-player, but awesome to play cooperatively. Gaming with friends allow for stronger bonds to form “in-game” and influence the friendship while “afk”(away from keyboard) or just not online at all. Playing with other random gamers online can be just as fun if not more exhilarating. Back when Call of Duty was not plagued with prepubescent children, playing online was pretty fun. I have made Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War friends just from talking with people in the open game chat. Gaming with others is not all its cracked up to be. Sometimes you get frustrated because you are not achieving the objective in time or dying faster than you would by yourself. I understand all the struggles of gaming amongst others. Gaming is with others is not everyone one’s cup of tea, but having others to just converse with you about the game is good enough for me. Now back to playing Halo 4where my friends drive off the cliff with me still in the Warthog. Oh so much fun! Please tell the masses about your awesome of disastrous gaming sessions with your buddies. Post a comment, leave tweet, send a paper airplane with you comment written on it, whatever makes you feel happy!


2 thoughts on “The Grouping Effect

  1. Hey, good post!
    I agree with what you’re saying. There’s something almost magical about playing a good multiplayer game with a close group of friends. I remember staying up all night to play Halo 2 with my buddies on more than one occasion. I find it kind of sad that over the past couple years we’ve seen a decline in local multiplayer (with everything being focused on online play) but at the same time, it’s always fun to meet new people and make new friends while gaming.

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