Why is STEAM so Popular!?

STEAM Summer Sales are here and gamers are going broke all for the right reasons. Steam is an online collection of some the most interesting, biggest, fascinating games to be put on one website. Steam allows the user to buy reasonably priced PC games such as popular franchises and indie games. I have had Steam for about year now and it was only until yesterday that I actually embraced what Steam is all about. I knew Steam was pretty awesome, but I had know until tbe commencement of the summer sales. I bought Mirrors Edge for $9.99, originally priced for $14.99. I also bought bought critically acclaimed game The Witcher 2:Assassins of Kings for 80% off so, I paid only $3.99 for one of the most badass RPGs to date. My grand total was $13.98!

Steam is the number one stop shop for PC gamers especially because of the discounted prices. Steam is beneficial because it avoids the feel that someone is trying to force you to buy a highly priced game for no reason. Steam is a universal and efficient system to play awesome games without breaking the bank. So, with all this said it is back to the deals that will leave most gamers penniless with red-eyes and hand cramps!


4 thoughts on “Why is STEAM so Popular!?

  1. Glad to hear that you got The Witcher 2 at such a great price. Steam is absolutely amazing! I never once thought that PC gaming was dying, but it was hurting pretty bad about a decade ago and that is all you heard gamers saying. Around that time Steam appeared and has changed everything since then. It took a while for PC gamers to adapt to it, but Valve was sure they had something and now it is huge. I am so glad they stuck to their guns, because Steam is so great for PC gamers. Great post Jay!

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