Videogames and the escape to a New Reality!

I just wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect about how videogames has taken me out of the tangible reality and has thrown me into the virtual and emotionally connected realms of videogames. Videogames as most people know encompass expansive worlds, interesting narratives, believable characters, fun environments, and creative forms of interaction between the player(s) and the gaming world. Let’s take the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for example. Set in an medieval and mythic world, you play as Dovahkiin meaning Dragon Born in dragon language. In the world of Skyrim, you can become pretty much anything, especially if you have Skyrim on PC.I was a spellcasting, sword-wielding Nord who was also apart of the Dark Brotherhood. Fun times, fun times! I loved playing this game because the landscape resembled that of Earth, but filled with Orcs, Khajiits (cat-like people), and of course…dragons! As I sat on the floor in my room, all the troubles that plagued me at the time disappeared from the moment Skyrim finished loading( uh the load times). I would play Skyrim hours on end because in this world I did not have to worry about social stigmas, class work, or anything thing else that just drained me of energy. I finally was able to just enjoy myself. Now of course saying videogames is an escape sets of red flags to people who think videogames are a waste of time and you do not learn anything. Now I could shut those people up now, but that would be too much in one blog post. I will just end with saying, videogames are an escape yes, but not to a place of condemnation, self-pity and self doubt. Virtual realms are awe-aspiring,enthralling, entertaining, and magical, thrilling, just allow yourself and others to be thrown into world and hopefully, you will also feel the same curiosity and power that I feel every time I pop in the disc. 


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