Gamers love talking about Games! LET US DO IT!

As I walk outside of the food court from the student union, I had held the door open for this late 40’s early 50’s woman. She replied with “People here at this university are so nice!”. I felt good in representing the kindhearted nature of my university and replied with your quite welcome! All of sudden, due to that one act of courtesy that open the floodgates of endless questions relating to the university. “How many students attend here?”, “Where do most freshman live?”, “Is this a research institution or liberal arts institution?”, “What’s your major?”, etc.,etc.,etc. Skillfully, I answered all of her questions in great detail, if I do say so myself. She took even more interest in me when I said I am studying sociology and was trying to study videogame culture as a future career. Thus, her expression changed to that of a young child looking at the display of toys and various candies at the mall. She like most adults more or less around her age would like to know more. She asked, “How do you study that?”, “Where do you plan to get a job at?”,”Does the university provide classes for that?” I stated, I read online articles, I read books, and play videogames a lot to understand the sociological aspects of each game. I understand all the other other questions as well thus, leading to the big topic that lead to misunderstandings; what is your position on videogames, what is the role of videogames in education, etc. I was ready and willing to respond to each question, but the lady was so energetic that she started to answer her own question with own made-up , on the spot hypotheses. She asked me 5 questions related to videogames at one time and I was unable to say anything. So, I am left standing their with my half-eaten McChicken from McDonald’s and utterly stunned by the sheer lack of pausing to take breaths and overflow of run on questions. This leads me to my main point, gamers love talking about games. LET US DO IT! I understand everyone has an opinion, but if you know nothing about videogames besides what is in the news(which is generally negative) then, please give me or someone else who is a fan, a journalist, a researcher of videogame the time to answer your questions. So, I said and done the lady said thank you again for holding door, I said your welcome. Her and I walk off in separate directions with me laughing and utterly stunned by what happen. So, life lesson time in 3…2…2 and half….2 and three quarters…1! If you are misinformed or just do not know something and you are able to talk to some who has thorough knowledge if not basic understanding of the subject at hand, let the person fill you in with information. Do not try to create random hypotheses and or generalization based on the little information that you have. Then, you make your own theories after that and continue the exchange of information. Again, Gamers love elaborating about any all things videogames. Please just listen for a hot second, you may just learn something!  


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