Gender and Videogames: Does it really MATTER!?

This weekend I was surfing the net, reading a book for a paper, and watching as many E3 related videos as possible. Through, I became aware of Ubisoft’s controversial statement of there will be no playable female characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity. There is now more of uproar from members of the gaming community because of this recent fact. Now this is where the debate comes in. Does it really matter if there are female characters in the game at all? On a macro level does trying to have gender equality in every game change the overall narrative gameplay experience? So, for the sake for diving into a long and tireless explanation of why gender equality in games is good, let’s start of small. A well informed and well aware gamer now that females in games are underrepresented.Maybe not recently with franchises such as Mirrors Edge‘s Faith, the reinvented Tomb Raider franchise, and the Mass Effect franchise. These franchises prove that games can have strong non-stereotypical female protagonist that are dynamic, interesting, and are not just a male fantasy. Now, there is also a debate about how long it takes to actually create females characters in game. Some say it takes a long time, others say two days, blah blah! Here’s what I say, rather here is what coworker said “Ubisoft originally had no intention to create females characters. Then someone mentioned it and oops there no time to do it.” I agree! Having females in games overall creates a sense of equality and representations of other genders besides male. However, a game is a game is a game is a game. Game are meant to be used as creative spaces that people use to create magnificent worlds and interesting stories. I game does not necessarily need to have females in a game to see create a good game, people just prefer it. I can talk about this until the cows comes home or when Lindsay Lohan is back to Mean Girls status, but I will not (too tired). But, that’s my short (if you can believe that) opinion on the issue. What do you guys think. Tweet, email, comment, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, whatever will allow me to read or hear your thoughts. Also, here is a link to a youtuber that I have been falling for sometime now. I believe he really drives this point home.


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