A decision is being made! A brief follow up!

UHHHHHHH…UHHHHHHH!!! Sorry for my blatant usage of an overly used expression of annoyance, self-loathing, and just being too done with everything! I am still figuring what new console I should get and I am still at a crossroads. I was a Nintendo fan born and raised, then I transitioned to my Xbox console to escape from the randomness of life. I played on my brothers PS3. So, I a pretty much solid when comes to old generation consoles. So, far I am hearing and reading that most are jumping off or completely gave up on the Microsoft bandwagon, skipped the Wii U and went straight to Sony for a myriad of reasons. Decisions, Decisions! What do you guys think! I really need insight from those of own any of these consoles.


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