E3 is done! And a decision is being formulated!

I have been telling my fellow gamer friends and even some non-gamer friends that I will be deciding what new console I will be getting sometime this summer. I payed very close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each console. I looked at sales figures, the number of exclusives currently available and those coming soon and in 2015, I listened to commentary, YouTube videos, articles, etc. to help make with my decision on which console shall introduce me to the next generation of gaming. Just to be clear, I have nothing against PC gaming. I fully agree that one can build a more powerful machine than all the consoles on the market. I completely agree and there is no disputing that fact. Consoles to me are the equivalent to that stuff animal or toy that you held on for so long. Even though, it is old, dusty, and a does not have Blu-ray drive, you still held on to it. I am one of the lucky one’s to have an Xbox 360 running for 6 years straight with minimum problems. So, far the only problem is the disc drive may not open no matter if I use my controller and/or manually press in the button. I still get games for it and play it consistently if my schedule allows it. But, my 360 will soon be on its last leg of relevance before the Xbox One is permanently makes it obsolete. Now I no that is a ways from now, but in order to stay abreast with the current state of video games, I must also change. With that said and E3 behind us I will be announcing which console I will be getting next week, Friday morning. Some will agree with my decision and others will not, that’s how making decisions plays out. Now this does not mean I will never buy the other console, it just mean for the time being I will be buying games for a the console that I believe will give me a better experience.  With that said time to start thinking! But, what do guys think I should get? Leave a comment at the bottom or send a tweet my way! The more feedback the better.


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