E3 2014 Day 4: The future of gaming looks bright running 60 fps at 1080p

The gaming community has received their fill of new releases, in depth commentary, and hands-on gameplay. “HUHZAH!!” said the enthusiastic gamer who finally felt that the next-generation of gaming is upon us. E3 showcased some interesting new IP’s such as Nintendo’s Splatoon, Sony’s Entwined, and Microsoft’s Limbo. These games are all not hailing from very famous developers, but these games due embody the ideal of taking gamers into new experiences and directions while staying true of being a fun and engaging experience. Lots of things were said and lots of games were shown. So many that I can barely keep up, but that’s all a part of being a gamer. We look for new ways to interact with games, new dimensions and worlds to live in, caves and passages to explore. Games are our homes and E3 is the annual town hall meeting. Where everyone is can join in the fun, but at slight cost of attendance. I love E3 as I have mentioned in a previous post. E3 has shown us the future of gaming and it looks pretty bright. Seriously, the graphics of a lot these games are phenomenal! I could tell that developers are finally going no holds bar own with using the power these consoles possess. 1080p definition is definitely the standard for all of the major blockbuster titles such as the The Order: 1886Forza 2, and, Mortal Kombat X. 60 fps (frames per second) is still a work in progress for some of the consoles (here’s looking at you Wii U and Xbox One), but the games showcased on matter what system still look gorgeous. This year’s E3 may not be something I will reminder years later, but I will know that was year of the shifting from old generation gaming to a new wave intriguing video game endeavors. I have high hopes for the future of gaming! So I am now looking towards all the fall releases and the abundance of 2015 titles. The future is definitely upon us! Now its time to wait and see if all the hype at E3 comes to fruition.

Also, I encourage comments, questions, and other gaming randomness. Gaming gifs especially are my favorites.


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