E3 2014 Day 1: Ubisoft Games look Promising!

Ubisoft is a pubisher that is known for having fun, awe-inspiring, and engaging worlds. So as my eyes gleam over my laptop screen, I feel hopeful and pretty pumped. Granted the games presented were already announced prior to E3 and mostly shown in Microsoft’s press conference, I still was excited to see new trailers and hopefully new IP’s. So, let’s begin shall we! Basically, Far Cry 4 is game about things getting crazy real fast. The trailer showed Far Cry’s new stylish antagonist, an expansive jungle environment, giant outposts to liberate, and oh id I mention elephant warfare. Seriously, you can ride elephants in combat! Enough said. No surprise that annual franchise Just Dance is coming back with Just Dance 2014. Ubisoft introduced the option to have multiple people dancing using there phones to track their movements in game. Pretty cool except if you have a giant tablet phone(phablet) and tiny hands then, you may run into a problem. Tom Clancy’s: The Division looks pretty cool in the new gameplay trailer and The Crew is still well…ummmm… you can drive coast to coast in 15 mins. That’s all I got. Shape Up is some random exercise game and Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a “game about war, not a war game” said lead designer Julian Chevalier to Gamespot. Assassin’s Creed Unity introduces 4-way campaign coop based in its 18th century Paris setting. Lastly, Ubisoft debuted Rainbow Six: Siege. Yes you heard me correctly Rainbow Six exists! It looks pretty good too so, definitely check the trailer out! Ubisoft didn’t show much but, what they showed was good. Enough for one to say, “I’m cool with that!” Ubisoft you haven’t failed me before and did not disappoint this time either. Let’s just see how long you can keep this going! No pressure by the way!!!


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