E3 2014 Day 1: Sony What a light show!!!

Sony had the privilege( or lost a bet) of capping off the Day 1 of E3 with their press conference. Lots of games were shown so, in 3…2…1…1 and 1/2…1 and 1/3..1 and 1/6. Jk lets begin! Destiny was kicked off everything with a trailer showing off the vast world of Destiny. After nice fancy lighting, a white glacier PS4 was announced and it will be bundle with a copy of Destiny. The Destiny also, was announced and will commence on July 17th. The Order: 1886 was shown which showed a little more of the surroundings the game takes place and a Lycanthrope enemy that players will be faced with. Afterwards, a trailer about new dlc Infamous: First Light was shown and new IP Entwined shows some promise. Little Big Planet 3 is coming to PS4, along with GTA V, and Last of Us Remastered. Far Cry 4 came out guns blazing on a jungle landscape, Dead Island 2…well has zombies…,  Battlefield Hardline Beta is live, and Batman: Arkham Knight looks badass (Scarecrow is terrifying)! Grim Fandango is being remastered. Let it Be and ABZU is amazing. No Man’s Sky looks beautiful. Mortal Kombat is glorious and brutal(FINISH HIM)! Lastly, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a brand spanking new trailer that makes you want to scream for joy and cry because we have to wait awhile to play it. Sony came out with full gutso and without CEO Jack Tretton there one could feel the presence of him missing. I am sure he is proud though! Sony keep it up!


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