E3 2014 Day 1: EA (Electronic Arts) They have STARWARS!!!!

EA showed STARWARS! StarWars Battlefront to correct! They showed a nice preview of some guys collaborating at desks and chatting around computers. Then, after all that stuff, there are some fantastic cinematic shots of Battlefront. Now at the moment, there is no confirmation if the trailer was actually gameplay or all cgi. I hope not, but the game looked pretty amazing! StarWars: Battlefront comes in 2015. Now EA is of course all about its sports so, here they are: UFC with a strong empahsis of ¬†Bruce Lee (WHAAA!!!), NHL 14 has updated graphics and roster, PGA Golf is using Frostbite 3 engine to make deer and trees seeming more like realistic deer and trees!? Lastly, the crux and big cash maker, Madden NFL 15! Basically, defense got better or something! Madden comes out the 26th of August. New MMO Dawngate was shown which looks promising. Battlefield: Hardline Beta is out and apparently running it many issues (as to be expected). But EA I believe saved the best for last. Mirror’s Edge 2 has been a main topic of discussion for many of gamer’s Pre-E3 predictions. The game looks fantastic! Faith, the protagonist, there is supposed to new focus of Faith’s background and development as character. I enjoyed playing the first Mirror’s Edge and cannot wait to see how they improved upon it. EA don’t let me down. Seriously, please! I begging you!


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