My Eating habits while Gaming

Gaming and food! What a wonderful and utterly dreadful combination. Do not get me wrong I love playing games and I love eating food. I also love eating food while gaming. The problem is watching what I am eating and how much of it as I am gaming. Personally, I grab whatever snack, drink, or confectionery treat that lurks in my kitchen and/or backpack. I usually eat treats that do not leave a sticking, greasy, or powdering residue, for it will rub off on my controller. I pride myself on having clean controllers! You will face my wrath if you dare to eat Doritos or a powdered donut while using one of my controllers! Besides that, snacking helps fulfill my dietary needs and helps me stay up later in the night for gaming. You may be wondering if I partake in the consumption of more recognizable brands that have associated themselves with games. Well, my answer is not necessarily.

“Gamer food” usually appears in sponsored tournaments consist of Monster Energy drink, Mountain Dew, and Doritos. Of course, this only a few of the hundreds of other food products aimed towards gamers. I do not knock down these items, but one must be able to recognized this s@*t will kill you! Of course, I am exaggerating( a little), but seriously eating foods such as these gives you an absurd amount of energy due to a vast of sugar and other ingredients inside these products. Again, I am not tearing to bash your favorite foods, but you must be realsitic and aware of the health risk associated with conusming these kinds of high caloric, fat, and sugar induce foods. I myself still love to eat to pop pieces of candy in mouth and drink soda as I game. I have been doing it for years. It is has only been recently in the past year or two that noticed I was crashing real hard after long gaming sessions. Gaming is fun and eating fun, but passing out for 10 hours after a long game session hyped on Skittles and Mountain Dew is not. Just a sign of causation to my fellow gamers.


The Grouping Effect

Playing games by yourself allows one to solely focus on your character(s) alone without interference from others. Sure, there are some games where decisions could be influenced by others, but you still only have one foucs: yourself! So, what is it that that brings gamers together to form groups, competitions, and giant tournaments? Since, I was small I have been playing videogames with my little brother and cousins for years. Our favorite game as children was oo7: Agent Under Fire for Gamecube. We would have so much trying to find each other, hide from each other, and have the bot metaphorically be a dog chasing several mailmen. Oh those were fun times. I tired playing 007 by myself, but it was not the same, something was missing. Reflecting now, I can see that individually playing a game can be fun and interesting if the game is actually better that way. Some games that have mutliplayer are just not fun to play even though, the campaign is awesome i.e., Tomb Raider(2013). 

Groups allow us to learn from each other in more interesting, intuitive, and creative ways. Games such as the Borderlands franchise is good to play in single-player, but awesome to play cooperatively. Gaming with friends allow for stronger bonds to form “in-game” and influence the friendship while “afk”(away from keyboard) or just not online at all. Playing with other random gamers online can be just as fun if not more exhilarating. Back when Call of Duty was not plagued with prepubescent children, playing online was pretty fun. I have made Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War friends just from talking with people in the open game chat. Gaming with others is not all its cracked up to be. Sometimes you get frustrated because you are not achieving the objective in time or dying faster than you would by yourself. I understand all the struggles of gaming amongst others. Gaming is with others is not everyone one’s cup of tea, but having others to just converse with you about the game is good enough for me. Now back to playing Halo 4where my friends drive off the cliff with me still in the Warthog. Oh so much fun! Please tell the masses about your awesome of disastrous gaming sessions with your buddies. Post a comment, leave tweet, send a paper airplane with you comment written on it, whatever makes you feel happy!

Why is STEAM so Popular!?

STEAM Summer Sales are here and gamers are going broke all for the right reasons. Steam is an online collection of some the most interesting, biggest, fascinating games to be put on one website. Steam allows the user to buy reasonably priced PC games such as popular franchises and indie games. I have had Steam for about year now and it was only until yesterday that I actually embraced what Steam is all about. I knew Steam was pretty awesome, but I had know until tbe commencement of the summer sales. I bought Mirrors Edge for $9.99, originally priced for $14.99. I also bought bought critically acclaimed game The Witcher 2:Assassins of Kings for 80% off so, I paid only $3.99 for one of the most badass RPGs to date. My grand total was $13.98!

Steam is the number one stop shop for PC gamers especially because of the discounted prices. Steam is beneficial because it avoids the feel that someone is trying to force you to buy a highly priced game for no reason. Steam is a universal and efficient system to play awesome games without breaking the bank. So, with all this said it is back to the deals that will leave most gamers penniless with red-eyes and hand cramps!

Console Decision! Contemplation for the masses!

Finally after a year of contemplation. Finally after reading articles upon articles, watching videos upon videos, listening to friends upon friends, I finally have made may decision. Let’s lay some ground rules first, this is my own personal decision. Yes I have done plenty of research on the two main consoles I decided between, the PS4 and Xbox One. Also, this does not mean I only getting that one console and not all three. That is not the case at all. I will eventually get all three consoles, eventually. For the time being, I am only getting the console that I personally feel will satisfy me and bring a lot more to the proverbial plate. Also, I choosing the console that will ultimately make happy and no one else! With that said my choice of console that I believe has really been innovative and has a sleuth of games that represents “next-generation” gaming  is the…Playstation 4!Sony has given what the gamers want….games!

Let’s talk aesthetics for moment shall we. The PS4 looks amazing with its sleek and glossy finish that emits a nice light to represent when the console is on or off. Also, the PS4 such as the PS3 has a built in battery and interchangeable harddrive. It is light weight and just feels awesome to look at. The PS4 game wise from the beginning has brought to the world games that look and feel nice, of course some games just look nice, not play nice. Here’s looking at you Knack. Besides a few miss haps, most if not all the upcoming games for the PS4 will be running a nice 60 fps at 1080p. Frame rate and resolution doesn’t mean much to me, but hey why not get a console where the games just look fantastic because they are trying to meet the new standard of gaming. Games such as Destiny, The Order: 1886, and Dragon Age: Inquisition all look amazing on the PS4 and these games are have now raise the bar for other developers, Microsoft and Nintendo to reach.

The PS4 is so affordable with more bundles to come. A real selling point for me was the announcement of a PS4 and PS Vita bundle. That was almost the icing on the cake for me because the PS Vita is an awesome handle system and the PS4 is a fantastic machine. Thus, I will be able to get to two powerful machines together at once and cheaper because they are selling this bundle for less than cost of buying each one separately. Now this bundle is only select locations not including the U.S., but I hope that this bundle comes sometime during the holiday of this year.Lastly, the PS4 overall is just a fantastic system. Sure it does not have that “all-in-one” experience Microsoft was selling to the customers, but it’s not a bad thing. Honestly, most gamers bought the PS4 because it avoids the “all-in-one” propaganda.

Now as most of my readers may now, I love my Xbox 360 to the utmost. I love my 360, I really do, the Xbox One just rubbed me the wrong way since the beginning. Microsoft tried to force gamers into a tight position which felt like a giant slap in the face to all of those who own a 360, who really wanted to buy a Xbox One, and gamers alike. Sure, now they have since reversed those policies and are trying to make good buy giving gamers two free games per month, but they can not make up for the lack of blockbuster games that are real gamer changers. Titanfall  is awesome and do plan to get the game. Titanfall is just one game and I need more than one game to sell me on getting a what used to be a $500 system. A big deal for me is backwards compatibility. Yes , I know both consoles are not backwards compatible, but the has not stopped Sony from remastering some of the hit games such as Last of Us: Remastered to get the next-gen treatment. Microsoft as far as I know has only remastered Fable and the upcoming Halo: Master Chief Collection. Microsoft I still have behind, but you just haven’t hit your stride yet.

With all this said. Hopefully, this gives my readers a better understanding on why I choose the PS4 over Xbone. The PS4 is sleeker, lighter, faster, and vast gaming form the old and plenty new. Don’t call me a Sony fanboy just yet, not until I actually get my hands on the PS4. I just wanted to announce my console decision now because its been one week since E3 and E3 let’s me now what games are coming out for who and which ones are worth my time playing. Again, I will eventually be getting the Xbox with or without Kinect, not for sure yet. Afterwards, I will be getting the Wii U. So, there it is my console pick which will hopefully bring me into the next-generation of gaming. Of course, the is a cornucopia of other nuances I did not touch on, but the ones I did pick were most important to me. I am really interested to hearing what you guys think. I am wrong for choosing the PS4 over the Xbox One and Wii U? Let me know by commenting, tweeting, emailing, pony express, smoke signals, whatever allows me to hear your sweet embrace!


My Decision has been MADE!!! But the post is yet to come!

Chello everyone! For the past year I would say I have been wondering what console is right for me. I have nothing against the Wii U and PC, but let’s be honest the main question is, PS4 or Xbox One? I have made my decision, but I need more time to take make sure I convey for reasoning in the most straight forwarded way I know. So, my announcement post is should be up around later tonight or early tomorrow morning! Thank you for the support and patience. BYE BYE for now! 


‘Dem Steam Sales tho!

Videogames and the escape to a New Reality!

I just wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect about how videogames has taken me out of the tangible reality and has thrown me into the virtual and emotionally connected realms of videogames. Videogames as most people know encompass expansive worlds, interesting narratives, believable characters, fun environments, and creative forms of interaction between the player(s) and the gaming world. Let’s take the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for example. Set in an medieval and mythic world, you play as Dovahkiin meaning Dragon Born in dragon language. In the world of Skyrim, you can become pretty much anything, especially if you have Skyrim on PC.I was a spellcasting, sword-wielding Nord who was also apart of the Dark Brotherhood. Fun times, fun times! I loved playing this game because the landscape resembled that of Earth, but filled with Orcs, Khajiits (cat-like people), and of course…dragons! As I sat on the floor in my room, all the troubles that plagued me at the time disappeared from the moment Skyrim finished loading( uh the load times). I would play Skyrim hours on end because in this world I did not have to worry about social stigmas, class work, or anything thing else that just drained me of energy. I finally was able to just enjoy myself. Now of course saying videogames is an escape sets of red flags to people who think videogames are a waste of time and you do not learn anything. Now I could shut those people up now, but that would be too much in one blog post. I will just end with saying, videogames are an escape yes, but not to a place of condemnation, self-pity and self doubt. Virtual realms are awe-aspiring,enthralling, entertaining, and magical, thrilling, just allow yourself and others to be thrown into world and hopefully, you will also feel the same curiosity and power that I feel every time I pop in the disc. 

Gamers love talking about Games! LET US DO IT!

As I walk outside of the food court from the student union, I had held the door open for this late 40’s early 50’s woman. She replied with “People here at this university are so nice!”. I felt good in representing the kindhearted nature of my university and replied with your quite welcome! All of sudden, due to that one act of courtesy that open the floodgates of endless questions relating to the university. “How many students attend here?”, “Where do most freshman live?”, “Is this a research institution or liberal arts institution?”, “What’s your major?”, etc.,etc.,etc. Skillfully, I answered all of her questions in great detail, if I do say so myself. She took even more interest in me when I said I am studying sociology and was trying to study videogame culture as a future career. Thus, her expression changed to that of a young child looking at the display of toys and various candies at the mall. She like most adults more or less around her age would like to know more. She asked, “How do you study that?”, “Where do you plan to get a job at?”,”Does the university provide classes for that?” I stated, I read online articles, I read books, and play videogames a lot to understand the sociological aspects of each game. I understand all the other other questions as well thus, leading to the big topic that lead to misunderstandings; what is your position on videogames, what is the role of videogames in education, etc. I was ready and willing to respond to each question, but the lady was so energetic that she started to answer her own question with own made-up , on the spot hypotheses. She asked me 5 questions related to videogames at one time and I was unable to say anything. So, I am left standing their with my half-eaten McChicken from McDonald’s and utterly stunned by the sheer lack of pausing to take breaths and overflow of run on questions. This leads me to my main point, gamers love talking about games. LET US DO IT! I understand everyone has an opinion, but if you know nothing about videogames besides what is in the news(which is generally negative) then, please give me or someone else who is a fan, a journalist, a researcher of videogame the time to answer your questions. So, I said and done the lady said thank you again for holding door, I said your welcome. Her and I walk off in separate directions with me laughing and utterly stunned by what happen. So, life lesson time in 3…2…2 and half….2 and three quarters…1! If you are misinformed or just do not know something and you are able to talk to some who has thorough knowledge if not basic understanding of the subject at hand, let the person fill you in with information. Do not try to create random hypotheses and or generalization based on the little information that you have. Then, you make your own theories after that and continue the exchange of information. Again, Gamers love elaborating about any all things videogames. Please just listen for a hot second, you may just learn something!  

New Tropes VS. Women In Gaming Video: Women as Background Decoration Part 1

Definitely worth watching. One may not agree with everything that is stated in the video, but if you truly call appreciate games, you must understand its pit fall as well.

The Sociology of Videogames

Anita Sarkeesian has released a new installment in her Tropes Vs. Women in Gaming video series that explores women as decorative objects in gaming. Her videos tend to be controversial amongst the gaming community, but I think she does great work to exposure a lot of the sexism and bias in the gaming community. Others may say “LOLWHATEVER”, to which I would reply “touche” .  Warning, some content in the video can be a little graphic and NSFW. Anyways, here’s a description of the video from  The Feminist Frequency website.

“In this episode we explore the Women as Background Decoration trope which is the subset of largely insignificant non-playable female characters whose sexuality or victimhood is exploited as a way to infuse edgy, gritty or racy flavoring into game worlds. These sexually objectified female bodies are designed to function as environmental texture while titillating presumed straight male players. Sometimes they’re…

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A decision is being made! A brief follow up!

UHHHHHHH…UHHHHHHH!!! Sorry for my blatant usage of an overly used expression of annoyance, self-loathing, and just being too done with everything! I am still figuring what new console I should get and I am still at a crossroads. I was a Nintendo fan born and raised, then I transitioned to my Xbox console to escape from the randomness of life. I played on my brothers PS3. So, I a pretty much solid when comes to old generation consoles. So, far I am hearing and reading that most are jumping off or completely gave up on the Microsoft bandwagon, skipped the Wii U and went straight to Sony for a myriad of reasons. Decisions, Decisions! What do you guys think! I really need insight from those of own any of these consoles.

Gender and Videogames: Does it really MATTER!?

This weekend I was surfing the net, reading a book for a paper, and watching as many E3 related videos as possible. Through, I became aware of Ubisoft’s controversial statement of there will be no playable female characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity. There is now more of uproar from members of the gaming community because of this recent fact. Now this is where the debate comes in. Does it really matter if there are female characters in the game at all? On a macro level does trying to have gender equality in every game change the overall narrative gameplay experience? So, for the sake for diving into a long and tireless explanation of why gender equality in games is good, let’s start of small. A well informed and well aware gamer now that females in games are underrepresented.Maybe not recently with franchises such as Mirrors Edge‘s Faith, the reinvented Tomb Raider franchise, and the Mass Effect franchise. These franchises prove that games can have strong non-stereotypical female protagonist that are dynamic, interesting, and are not just a male fantasy. Now, there is also a debate about how long it takes to actually create females characters in game. Some say it takes a long time, others say two days, blah blah! Here’s what I say, rather here is what coworker said “Ubisoft originally had no intention to create females characters. Then someone mentioned it and oops there no time to do it.” I agree! Having females in games overall creates a sense of equality and representations of other genders besides male. However, a game is a game is a game is a game. Game are meant to be used as creative spaces that people use to create magnificent worlds and interesting stories. I game does not necessarily need to have females in a game to see create a good game, people just prefer it. I can talk about this until the cows comes home or when Lindsay Lohan is back to Mean Girls status, but I will not (too tired). But, that’s my short (if you can believe that) opinion on the issue. What do you guys think. Tweet, email, comment, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, whatever will allow me to read or hear your thoughts. Also, here is a link to a youtuber that I have been falling for sometime now. I believe he really drives this point home.